Drunkard Man Raped A Puppy In India

With news of young kids/old people/any damn person on earth getting raped, it just disgusts the entire mankind. But cases of humans stooping down to a low level of not even sparing animals for their pleasure can shame you to death!

In a recent incident, a man from India was accused of raping a puppy and the worst thing about the entire scene is that the poor pup died due to bleeding and shock!

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Check out this disgusting case of the man who raped a puppy!


He Is A Taxi Driver

He is a 34-year-old taxi driver from Delhi. He had apparently raped the puppy and left it on the road in a bleeding state to die. The incident happened when the man was all drunk and he picked up the poor puppy to satisfy himself.


He Put The Puppy In A Jute Bag…

The animal was bleeding from its rear end and the man had no courtesy to stop the inhuman act. Once he was done with his work, the driver along with his brother stuffed the poor puppy in a gunny bag and threw it in a dry drain nearby.


He Confessed To His Crime…

When an animal lover of the colony went in search for the puppy, he found the puppy to be dead. On inquiry with the people around, he asked the driver; and the man shamelessly admitted to what he had done, before he fled from the scene.

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The Man Is Still Absconding…

People around went in for a shock when they heard of what the man had done. When the dead puppy was taken to the hospital, the reports revealed that the poor puppy had died due to excessive bleeding and SHOCK! And there is no trace of the inhuman beast!

This incident makes us feel disgraced about being a human. What kind of a world are we actually living in?

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