Baby Who Was Born Using The Oldest Sperm In The World!

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With technology reaching new heights every day, there are many things that are good for the mankind, and then there are those that can also destroy the environment.

However, here let us focus more on the good things that have happened. Here is one of the best stories that you would have come across today. This is the story of a young baby who was born using a 23-year-old sperm of his actual biological dad!

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This incredible story is overwhelming and it restores our faith in destiny and God, as this case is nothing less than a miracle!

Check out this incredible story of "Xavier Powell" who is technically born from a 23-year-old sperm!


How Did It Happen?

Alex Powell was just 15 years when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was told to undergo chemotherapy treatment immediately. He donated his sperm before he started undergoing chemotherapy.


His Stepmother, Patricia, Suggested This Idea!

His stepmother urged him to freeze his sperm as a teenager. All this was done in preparation, so that he could have a child one day when he would get married.


It Is The Oldest Sperm

Alex Powell was just 15 years when he had frozen his sperm and it is the oldest sperm in history to be used to conceive a child through IVF!


He Decided To Use The Frozen Sperm

When Alex married Vi, Alex's frozen sperm at the sperm bank meant that the two of them could conceive the child. As luck had it, the 23-year-old sperm worked as if it was brand new!

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Proud Parents!

Alex and Vi Powell conceived their son, Xavier Powell, through IVF treatments using the sperm Alex had donated 23 years back!

This just goes to show the recent advances in the Medical field and boy, are we glad!

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