Why Nutella Got Banned Suddenly?

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There have been reports that Nutella has been banned in some parts of the world due to some of its ingredients. We ain't sure if it is true or false, as there were reports that were published and deleted. So, let's understand the actual scene of "Nutella", shall we?

In food industry, there has been a lot of competition. Be it the marketing strategy or the ingredients' quality, everything is carefully monitored and it becomes a tough competition to cope up with the standards.

This is something that most of the other companies do not think before bringing down the competitive company down, and this is exactly what happened in case of "Nutella" as well.

There have been rumours that Nutella needs to be banned for the harmful ingredients that are present in this delicious staple food.

Nutella is the first thing that comes to our minds when we are having a bad day or when we have had a breakup, a teaspoon of this heavenly food sure makes us feel all better. But, what would happen if this heavenly food gets banned?

Most of us would choke to death with the thought of Nutella not being around, right?

So, check out the reasons why Nutella is so called "banned".


Nutella Ingredients:

It contains sugar, modified palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, lecithin, and vanillin.


Culprit Ingredient #1

According to the reports, an ingredient known as soy lecithin has garnered quite a bit of debate regarding its safety. It is a non-fermented, genetically modified type of soy that is hard to digest.


Effects Of This Ingredient...

Some of the experts have advised pregnant women, infants and breast cancer survivors to avoid this harmful ingredient's intake.


Culprit Ingredient #2

"Vanillin" isn't the stress reliever and mood enhancer as claimed. It's a manufactured cheap chemical version. Hence, there are many health risks that one could face, according to these reports.


Culprit Ingredient #3

It contains "MSG", which is linked to triggering brain chemicals that are similar to the ones that cause addiction. Apart from this, headaches and allergic reactions are said to be also caused due to this ingredient.



Publishing news about banning this famous product and then deleting the articles only makes us wonder if it was a marketing stunt or a strategy from a rival company in doing so?

This leaves us still confused if it is really true or not. Anyway, as long as we're getting to relish this heavenly food product, who cares!!

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