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Ketchup is something that completes our dish. Be it French fries or our favourite nuggets, ketchup can make any dish complete. But have you ever given a thought about the history of ketchup, of how it evolved or the secret behind ketchup or its facts?

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most interesting facts about ketchup that you should know. From the actual ingredients with what it started to what it has evolved to this day, you'll be surprised to know of how the bottle of ketchup has evolved.

We're sure these are some of the facts of ketchup that most of the people are unaware of!

From consuming a minimum of 3 bottles of ketchup on an average to being one of the most famous side dish for foods among kids and teens, these interesting facts will totally blow your mind.

Check them out...


Earlier Versions Did Not Use Tomatoes

Initially, when ketchup was introduced, people did not use tomato as a soul ingredient. They were made from anchovies, oysters, lemon or even walnuts. Whao! Could you imagine seeing ketchup with these ingredients? Naaahh!!


It Was Originally A Cooking Ingredient!

Ketchup, being primarily a condiment, was one of the main ingredients in foods like peas, flavour fish, meat and poultry while being cooked.


Ketchup Cure!

Whoever thought that ketchup could be used for medicinal purpose should read this. It was used to remove the noxious content from the body by emptying bile from the liver into the intestines! Okay, that's a lot to digest!


It Prevents Cancer!

Apart from the previous health benefit, it also helps to prevent cancer! Consuming ketchup is good for the heart and it helps to reduce the risk of certain types of cancers.


Polish Metals With Ketchup!

Who knew this? One can polish their metals by using ketchup. Since ketchup has tomatoes and vinegar, it is a perfect combination to clean any metal.


Treat Hair With Ketchup!

Who knew that one could treat chlorine-damaged hair with ketchup for a homemade hair mask that restores colour! Well, you can! Do let us know if you would ever dare to try this trick!

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Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2016, 18:47 [IST]
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