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This Is Why Men Love Nerdy Women


Many women don't know this but men crave for nerdy women. Though men never openly express this, it is a fact that 76% of men crave to make a nerdy woman their life partner.

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In a recent survey, when men were asked various questions about the type of woman they would marry, they chose the nerdy types.

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In a different survey, researchers never used the word ‘nerd' at all. But instead, they showed pictures of women who resemble the qualities of a nerd. Men again gave nerdy women better ratings.

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This made the researchers wonder why men tend to see stability and love in nerdy women. Read on...


They Are Intelligent

Firstly, intelligence makes women very attractive as men always crave for beauty with brains. And nerdy women have it all.


They Read Books

As they too read books and are aware of a lot of topics and subjects, your conversations with them never get boring.


They Change Your Perspective Towards Life

As they are wise, they can surely help you look at the world in a different way. This is a thrilling aspect of dating nerds.


They Look Hot Because Of Their Attitude

As they don't fit in with the crowd, their out of the box attitude itself makes them look hot.


They Can Understand Men Better

Yes, many studies show that nerdy women tend to understand others better. So, you are dating someone with a good heart.


They Seldom Argue With You, As They’re Wise

They know that arguments are waste of time and understanding each other is the key to happiness. What else do you want?


They Could Be Efficient Life Partners

As nerdy women are good managers and also have caring instincts, they can be good life partners. And yes, they're stable too.

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