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Secret Facts About Female Desire

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Even scientists say that they know very less about female libido and psychology. Yes, women are among the mysteries that men may always fail to understand.

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But still, today's knowledge levels are a bit better than what men knew about women a few centuries back. At least, today we know that even women need space, liberty and freedom of expression inside the bedroom in order to show their real romantic sides to a man.

Also, with age, a man gradually tries to understand a woman and with age, even a woman tries to allow a man a bit more to explore her personal territory which she has kept like a dark secret since ages.

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Do you know the fact that even married men fail to know the secret spots of their spouses? Read on to know a few more surprising facts about women's beautiful secret side.


Culture Impacts Sensuality

Yes, the culture and other environmental factors in which we grow may influence the point of view through which women view romance. While women who grew up in liberated backgrounds may view romance as something beautiful, the rest may perceive it as a sin depending upon their cultural conditioning!


Women Prefer To Look Desirable

Rather than being in a hurry to quench their ‘desire' as much as possible, most of the women prefer looking ‘more desirable' may be because the media promoted the perfect image of the ‘beautiful woman' by showing tall slim super models.


Is Monogamy Possible?

Though anyone would prefer only one marriage in a lifetime which means monogamy, health experts say that psychological monogamy isn't possible as both men and women may secretly fantasise someone else other than their spouses at least once in their lifetime.


Lower Libido Isn't A Defect

It isn't possible for a man or a woman to maintain intense desire throughout the lifespan as several other factors like financial problems or having children may diminish the desire to get into the bedroom.


Sexless Marriages Are Better Than Loveless Marriages

Yes, there are couples that get into ‘passionate sessions' very rarely for various lifestyle reasons like health issues or low libido. But health experts say that such couples are a lot better than other couples who have passionate romance but fight every day due to lack of love or compatibility.


Age Does Matter But...

Yes, it is a fact that age robs many women of desire and libido but there is another angle to it. The emotional depth and satisfaction levels mature with age and this makes many women capable of more ‘satisfaction' as they age especially if they engage in the act with a man very close to her heart. Yes, love lubricates better!


Even Non-Physical Bonds Can Give Ecstasy

To some women, even a relationship which never involves even a touch can be orgasmic. Maybe, this explains why some women have ‘un-explainable orgasms' even after crossing the age of 50, especially in the presence of a very close man whom they love and respect a lot.

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