Facts You Never Knew About Your Body

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The human body is one of the most extraordinary creations of nature. The fact that we are able to think, eat, love, cry, laugh and enjoy pleasures on this planet itself is a miracle.

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Man had been trying to know and discover more about the human body since centuries and its a fact that we know very little till know. There is a lot more to be known and there is a lot that's still mystery.

Do you know the fact that your body performs millions or tasks every second without your knowledge to just keep you alive? Yes, all of those functions happen without your interference and in fact, you have no control over them.

You don't need to command your body to breathe and you don't need to make your heart beat all the time. Even when you are asleep, all those functions go on to keep you alive.

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Scientists are still not able to figure out how efficiently nature has designed the survival mechanism in living things. Now, let us know a few more facts about the human body that we never knew.


Fact #1

Yes, the human body is fragile, but scientists were baffled when some people survived even after losing certain parts of their bodies in accidents (stomach, spleen, part of liver, part of intestines, part of lungs and certain other organs.)


Fact #2

Do you know that the acid present in your stomach can even burn and dissolve metallic blades? Then how is your stomach able to withstand that intensity? Well, the burnt cells in the stomach are quickly renewed.


Fact #3

Our teachers told us that nearly 75% of the human body is water but in fact, 80% of the brain is also water! And then your brain consumes nearly 20% of the calories you eat.


Fact #4

Do you know that all of us tend to get a bit shorter during night time? This could be due to the cartilage which undergoes a bit of compression during your day.


Fact #5

Your body sweats a lot but this is what you might have never knew: your feet contain nearly 500000 sweat glands!


Fact #6

Yes, women blink their eyes a lot more than men. And yes, men experience more hiccups compared to women.


Fact #7

After a heavy meal, your hearing ability drops a bit! And after the age of 60, you may lose most of the taste buds on your tongue.

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