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Shocking: Are All Women Bisexual?

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A new study claims that more than 80% of the women are generally turned on by both the genders! Well, this means that most of the women aren't straight.

Of course, we cannot generalise anything depending upon one survey alone but this study is surely interesting to all of us. And researchers who participated in this study say that women are either bi-sexual or lesbian.

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As a part of the study, the participants were shown imagery that would arouse them or turn them on. More than 300 women participated in the study.

Later on, the findings of this study became controversial as many started arguing that such a simple study cannot speak about the preferences of all women. And some women raised an argument saying that women appreciating other women's beauty may not be taken as lesbianism.

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Putting aside this study and its results, let us discuss about certain signs of lesbian women.


She Is More Close To Women

Of course, it doesn't mean that every woman who is close to other women is a bisexual; but generally, some women prefer the company of women more than men. They prefer to discuss everything with women and they prefer to spend most of their time with women than men.


She Is Okay To Kiss Women

Even in social situations, if your girlfriend is okay with kissing other girls and hugging them publicly, then it could be one sign; but don't jump into conclusions so fast.


When Drunk, She Is Touchy With Women But Not You!

When you go to a pub or a bar and get drunk, if your girlfriend gets too touchy with her girlfriend instead of getting cozy with you, then you might consider it as one sign.


She Checks Out Other Women

If she cant resist staring at the cleavage and other parts of other women around then maybe she is getting attracted to women.


She Never Mentions Having A Crush On A Man

If she never talks about her favourite male film star or a high school crush but speaks only about her favourite female stars and endlessly talks about their physical assets, then it could be one sign.


Ask Her

The best way to know is to find the right time and ask her about her orientation. But before asking her, ensure that you don't look like someone who is judgmental. Also, don't ask with an ill-treating tone. And make her feel comfortable with whatever she is. And then ask giving a signal that you are here to accept her and love her unconditionally.


Accept Her

After knowing about her orientation, instead of getting shattered, realise that it is a common phenomenon in this universe and accept her. Of course, it is totally up to you!

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