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Vaginal Facts That Can Amaze You

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Facts about vagina are something that most of us are unaware of. It is often understood as a sexual organ or a place where babies come out from!

Apart from these, there are a few vaginal facts that most of us need to understand and learn. We're sure some of these vaginal facts will simply blow your mind.

The myths about losing its elasticity to the pubic hair growth, we are here to disclose it all!

There are so many times when a woman herself would not be having the knowledge of her own body part. This is because of the taboo and the lack of learning about her own body and vagina being such a part is something that is ignored often and not learned about.

So, check out these interesting facts about the most dark topic "The Vagina"!!!



There are about 8000 nerves ending at the clitoris! On the other hand, men have about 4000 nerves present in a penis! No doubt, this is the reason why this region is the most sensitive part of a woman's erogenous zone! Whao, too much of science now!


Fact #2

A vaginal lubricant known as "squalene" is present naturally in the vagina. This is a substance that is present in a shark's liver as well! We wonder who tested this!??


Fact #3

One needs to understand this simple logic that the vagina does not lose its elasticity when a woman has a lot of sex. It retracts itself back into its previous form, as the vagina is elastic! Note: A vagina would lose its elasticity only at the time of childbirth!


Fact #4

It's impossible to lose anything in your vagina. If you think that you would find traces of an old tampon or any other object in a woman's uterus, then you would be disappointed, as nothing apart from sperms can pass through the cervix!



The inside of the vagina is shaped like a sock that ends in the womb. Okay, now you can stop dreaming about it!



Dear ladies, feel superior and proud while reading this fact! According to a research, the highest number of orgasms achieved by a woman in an hour is 134, whereas in men it is only 16!!


Fact #7

It wrinkles and sags with age, just like how a face ages and wrinkles. We wonder who had the time in this entire world to check this fact out!


Fact #8

Though the pubic hair is said to be thick and long, it does not have a long life, as the life expectancy of a pubic hair is just 3 weeks when compared to 7 years for the hair on our heads!


Fact #9

Vaginas can clamp down on penises! Well, men need to know this fact that their male part can get stuck inside a woman and that to for hours together. Trust us, it is not a joke! This condition is known as ‘penis captivus'.


Fact #10

If you think that erections are only meant for men, then you are wrong, my friend! Vagina also undergoes erections and it can expand up to 200% during an intercourse! Whao, hope there is no monster that pops out from there!!


Fact #11

Damn! Did you know that a woman's vagina can literally fall out and hang between the legs! Well, this condition is known as ‘pelvic prolapse' and luckily it can be fixed. Thank God!!


Miscellaneous Fact

A doctor once removed a potato that had started sprouting in a woman's vagina! Well, she claimed that her mother had advised her to do so to avoid pregnancy! Hmmm, this is a sheer example of why sex education is important!!

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