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Things That Happen To You After Death

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Life after death has always been a mystery. From the confessions of people who are back from the dead, their statements can leave one more confused as to what is true and what is not and what to believe and what not to.

Yet as human race is always inquisitive, we are here to throw some light on things that happen to you after death.

These are the things that happen to the body and soul.

As kids, we have been taught that there are only two places after death and they are hell and heaven.

If we do anything bad, we would rot in hell and if we do good, we reach heaven. All these beliefs have been a part of our life since years. But, are they really true and to be believed?

Hence, find out more about the things that happen to you after your death.


Relieving The Life

This is the moment when the person would relieve their lives best and worst moments at the same time. They claim to see their activities and their memories play out like a video before their eyes.


A Light Ray

Most of the people who have come back to life after being in a coma have claimed to see a light. It is said that the ray of light is always accompanied by a sense of love and peace. It is a way of making the person feel comfortable for the new life.


You Can See The Body

People claimed to have "out of the body experience". They see their lifeless body beneath them when they are actually dead. However, it is said that once we die, we can actually see own lifeless body.


Dead Relatives

The people who are dying claim to have seen their dead relatives from the past. These relatives would be the ones with whom they had a special bond with.


Hear And See Everyone

They can hear the cries and even see the others in the room, while the rest can only see a dead body lying there. The body remains lifeless, but their consciousness or their spirit is awake all throughout the time.



This has been claimed by the people who have come back to life from death. It is a sense of tranquility that they have experienced and claim that no other person who is alive can feel such calmness and positivity around them.



People have claimed to have seen angels during this moment, when they were on their death bed. These people have claimed that angels are helping them come out of the pain in death's grasp. Though it sounds soothing, it seems scary.

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