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Mysterious Details About The “Russia Sleep Experiment”

Sleep is a very important part of our lives. We all need to sleep at least for 6 hours in a day. Since humans have always been curious souls, they've tried to find out different ways to check what would happen to people who do not sleep at all.

In Russia, an experiment was conducted, in which 5 people were the subject of this experiment. They were kept in a sealed room and a specific gas was leaked into it.

It was believed that the gas would keep them awake 24/7. The people were allowed to communicate through microphones and the experiment was supposed to last for a month.

Find out on the details of things that have happened in the few days of the experiment being conducted. Read on to know more.


Preventing Sleep

The people were kept in a sealed environment and their oxygen intake was monitored closely, as the scientists did not want to kill the people present inside the cabin.


Inmates Were Closely Monitored

The inmates inside the cabin were closely monitored using microphones, as they did not have closed circuit cameras back then.


The Chamber Had All The Facilities

The chamber had books, dried food, cots to sleep but it had no bedding and all other various amenities that could last for the survival of all the 5 people for the entire month.


Everything Was Fine For The First 5 Days

For the first 5 days, they said everything was fine inside and also behaved normally, as they were given a fake promise of being freed if they submitted to the test and did not sleep for the entire 30 days.


After 5 Days The Trouble Started...

On the 5th day, they started exhibiting paranoia and complained about the past circumstances and decisions that made them take up this experiment.


They Started Confessing On Microphones

They started confessing about their issues on the microphones and avoided communicating with their fellow inmates, as they thought it could be a way of winning the trust of people outside.


On The 10th Day...

On this day, one of the prisoners screamed and ran inside the room for 3 straight hours. After his voice began to weaken, the doctors attributed that his vocal cord must have torn. The weirdest thing was nobody else in the room responded to the man who was screaming.


On Day 14th...

The experimenters were concerned when they were hardly getting any response from the inmates. They used an intercom to get some sort of a response from them, but they heard a weak voice calmly confess that they no longer wished to be set free.


On The 15th Day...

When the experimenters realised that the things had gotten worse, they released fresh oxygen into the chamber, but the inmates begged them to release the stimulant gas instead of oxygen.


On 15th Day... (Contd.)

Soldiers arrived to retrieve the people from the chamber and realised that one person had died and flesh from his thighs and chest were missing. The room was filled with 4 inches of water and the drain was clogged with the dead man's missing flesh.


Scary Confession

When the inmates were asked why they were behaving this way, the experimenters received a chilling response as, "I must stay awake".


Killed Later..

The researchers and soldiers who had arrived in the room were scared seeing the condition of these people and they shot them to death. The condition of their body was so worse that even the bravest of the soldier was scared to move the bodies.


Final Verdict

After all the tension and trauma that you would have gone through after reading this article, we are still not sure if the entire story is accurate or not, as the debate still goes on if the history behind the "Russian Sleep Experiment" is real or fake or is to be believed or not.

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