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Shocking: Human Flesh Found In Pills!!

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Every day new inventions are becoming a competition for people to invent something new all the time and to invest money, in order to be highly profited by it, no matter how harmful it is for the human race.

They are stooping down to any level to get their hold on the market with various brands and products.

From using bird's poop to coming up with semen of animals that are used in the beauty products, you would be shocked to know all the weird things that people have been using in their products.

In a recent raid, people found that drugs which were smuggled in South Korea and China contained human flesh! Yes, you just read that right!

In this article, we are here to share the details of this most-disgusted practice that people have been following and fooling the world with their brand names and uses that force people to buy their products more.

Read on to know more about this disgusting practice of using human flesh in pills, here!


Fact #1

These pills are actually made from human flesh. The aborted and still-born babies are used for this disgusting process.


Fact #2

The dead babies are apparently brought into a facility and are refrigerated. They are later cooked in medical drying microwaves. Yeah, morons can be the right word for these kind of people who are manufacturing this!


Fact #3

When the baby's skin is completely dry, then it is peeled and crushed along with the flesh into a powdered form, which is then processed into capsules.


Fact #4

The capsules are processed well with herbs to disguise the true ingredients from health investigators and custom officers.


Fact #5

It is believed that microwave-dried placenta has its alleged ‘medicinal' benefits. Okay, be it anything, who would dare to even consume this!


Fact #6

These pills actually do not help cure the disease for which they are prescribed, they only contain super-bacteria and other harmful ingredients!

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