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Remove These Things From Your Home To Be Rich

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घर में बर्बादी लाती हैं ये चीज़ें | Vastu Tips for positive energy in house | Boldsky

Believe it or not, there are a few things that make a lot of difference on our lifestyle. Few are considered as lucky charms, whereas there are few others that are considered as a bad omen.

If things are turning lucky, there is nothing better than that; however, what happens when things get worse and it starts affecting you on your personal front.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the list of things that you need to remove from your house immediately if you wish to get rich.

These are the things that are considered as bad omen and have a negative impact on your personal lives.

So, find out more about these day-to-day things that are stopping you from becoming rich.

Read on to know more about these things and we're sure you would want to throw them right away after knowing their significance.


Pigeon's Nest

It is believed that a pigeon's nest in the house can lead to instability in the house and it can also cause poverty. If you have any pigeon nests around your house or on the terrace, make sure you take it out right now!


Bee Hive

A bee hive is not only dangerous, but it also can attract poverty and bad luck to the house. Make sure you get a professional help to remove these from the house.


Spider Web

Having these webs in the house is not only a sign that the place is shabby, but it is also a sign of unfortunate happenings in your life. Make sure you remove all the cob webs around in the house.


Broken Mirrors

This is not only considered as poor Vastu, but it can also attract negative energies in the house and can attract poverty. So, throw away the small bits and pieces of the broken mirror.



They are considered as the bearers of ill-health, unfortunate situations, poverty and, at times, even death. If your neighbourhood has bats, then make sure you close all the doors and windows after sunset.


Dents In The Walls

The dents in walls not only look bad, but they also attract ill luck and poverty. Make sure you get it repaired immediately to avoid poverty.


Leaky Taps

This not only wastes water, but it is also believed that the wealth and the positive energies get dragged out of the house. Make sure you get the leaky taps fixed ASAP to avoid poverty.



Generally, terrace becomes a dumping zone for old furniture and garbage. If you have any of these things up on your terrace, make sure you get it cleaned and throw the junk away.


Stale Flowers

When you pray to the Lord every day, make sure you add fresh flowers in the puja thali. Clean your prayer room well before praying. One needs to know that stale flowers can cause poverty and hence must be thrown away.


Dry Leaves

One needs to regularly prune out the old, dry leaves and weeds out of the house from time to time. Dry leaves are believed to attract negativity in your house and can lead to poverty.

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