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Reasons Why You Should Have “Unprotected” Sex

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This article is purely for entertainment purpose ONLY and we do not promote unprotected sex in any given way. Stay protected and enjoy your lovemaking sessions!

If you've just clicked on this article to know if it is good to have unprotected sex, well, do us a favour and read on.

When you explore your sexual preferences and choices, does the thought of having unprotected sex strike you even once? Is there any plus point of not having protection in the act to make the act a more memorable one?

Well, we thought of sharing few of the "pros" of having unprotected sex, since people often feel unprotected sex is the best.

We all have read the gyaan on how protection is important during lovemaking. Blah... Blah... It helps to avoid unwanted pregnancies and deadly viruses. And more Blah..Blah... However, there are times when we actually miss out on protection at the heat of the moment.

When the right advice does not work, things should be taken with a pinch of salt and this article is all about that! So, find out about some of the points on what happens to a person who avoids protection during the act.


Yayyy For Vaginal Discomfort!

Condoms have lubricants which make the act smooth. But, who likes a smooth act, right? Chuck it! Let's do it skin to skin and scream with the vaginal discomfort! After all, men love it when women moan, ain't it!


We Love Stress!

We love the stress of having sleepless nights thinking about the after effects of having unprotected sex. Will I become pregnant? Or will I get infected? Well, we love shuffling these thoughts in our minds and not SLEEPING, ain't it!


Getting Pregnant!

Holy cow! Who said that one would not get pregnant if they have sex on safe days? We're sure these are the guys who would have undergone mastectomy! Well, take a deep breath and enjoy the pleasure of being stressed due to "unprotected" sex.


Babies, Babies All Over The Floor!

You can multiply the number of babies by having unprotected sex. Hell, yeah, make babies and only increase the population! After all, the more, the better!


Get Infected!

Having casual sex or a one night stand is a perfect dream for many. It's fun, but without protection, be ready to get infected, sweetheart! Infection is in the air.

Well, were these good enough reasons for you to have "unprotected" sex. No? Then, don't you think you need to use protection for your own benefit? Choice is yours, choose wisely!

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