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Roseola In Babies: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
Babies are often very susceptible to infections as their immunity is not fully developed. They are also more prone to catching infections due to their daily activities in the kindergarten as well. While a child receives immunity from quite a few ...
Roseola In Babies Causes Symptoms And Treatment
How To Identify Asthma In Babies?
A mother should be very cautious about her habits during her pregnancy as anything that she does has a direct effect on the unborn baby. The baby carries the genetic material from both the father and the mother. Not only does ...
What Causes Birthmarks In Babies?
When our little bundle of joy is born, the family members are often busy comparing the baby's facial features with that of the mother and the father. But apart from the facial features, there are certain marks present on the skin ...
How To Treat Cradle Cap In Babies?
If you are a parent to a newly born, you might have seen or might soon see certain yellowish unsightly scaly patches appear on your baby's cute head. In most cases, this may be nothing to worry about. This condition, popularly ...
How To Treat Cradle Cap In Babies
Why Are Some Babies Born With Low Weight?
All mothers wish for a healthy and happy baby at the end of their pregnancy. But this is not always the case. In spite of the best care from the mother's side, some babies are still born with a low birth ...
Why Are Some Babies Born With Low Weight
Ideal Body Temperature For Babies
With an infant at home, parents need to be extra careful with everything that happens around the child and with the child. Parents dedicate their time and attention so that an infant is healthy and secured in every possible way, but ...
Kid Giggles Every Time His Parents Kiss Each Other
It always makes us wonder as to why kids and toddlers seem to be so possessive about their loved ones, especially if they find them expressing their love for each other. We don't know why kids do this, but it ...
Baby S Cute Giggle Will Make You Go Aww
How To Know If Babies Have Gas
The biggest responsibility that one can have in their life is that of nurturing a new life. In most cases (especially in the Indian context), pregnancies are planned. A lot of careful planning and preparedness goes into brining a new life ...

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