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Ideal Body Temperature For Babies
With an infant at home, parents need to be extra careful with everything that happens around the child and with the child. Parents dedicate their time and attention so that an infant is healthy and secured in every possible way, but ...
Ideal Body Temperature For Babies

Kid Giggles Every Time His Parents Kiss Each Other
It always makes us wonder as to why kids and toddlers seem to be so possessive about their loved ones, especially if they find them expressing their love for each other. We don't know why kids do this, but it ...
How To Know If Babies Have Gas
The biggest responsibility that one can have in their life is that of nurturing a new life. In most cases (especially in the Indian context), pregnancies are planned. A lot of careful planning and preparedness goes into brining a new life ...
How To Know If Babies Have Gas
How Safe Is Gripe Water For Babies?
From the moment a child is born, she/he becomes the apple of his/her parent's eyes. Indeed, most parents would go to any extent in order to ensure the safety and well-being of their little one. Indeed, it will not be wrong ...
Taking Care Of Premature And Underweight Babies
We totally understand that daily life with any newborn baby can be quite challenging and every new mother always worries if she is successful in nurturing and caring for her newborn or is doing the best or right things for her ...
Taking Care Of Premature And Underweight Babies
Remedies To Stop Thumb Sucking In Babies
Human life is strange in its own way. There is a definite time for everything to happen here. At a particular age, an infant grows his first teeth, and at a definite point, he or she utters the first words and ...
A Guide To Naturally Conceive Twin Babies
It is quite more common than we think, the fact that couples often wish for twin babies for a wide range of varying reasons. If you are one of those who wishes to conceive twins, it is of utmost importance that ...
A Guide To Naturally Conceive Twin Babies
Can Vaccination Be Given If Your Baby Has Cold Or Cough?
Every parent wants that his or her little one should be well immune to deal with the challenges of life. The most common challenge that affect almost everyone (from the cradle to the deathbed) is that of illness. Thus, as parents, ...
Everything You Need To Know About Tuberculosis In Babies
We want our babies to be always healthy and happy. But, inevitably, our children fall sick at some point or the other. The interaction they have with their surroundings and the people in the society can cause them to pick up ...
Everything You Need To Know About Tuberculosis In Babies
Vernix: Why You Should Rub It & Not Wash It Off 
When a baby is born, it is not just a cute little handful of joy. Along with the baby come some substances that can look unsightly and gross. But these gross substances are in place for the protection and assistance of ...
What Causes Acid Reflux In Babies
Spitting up a small amount of food just after being fed is a common in many infants. While spitting up on its own is not a cause for concern, it can be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux or GER if ...
Acid Reflux In Babies Causes And Symptoms
Natural Remedies For Colic In Breastfed Babies
A neonate or newborn is at the most delicate and vulnerable phase of his life. Crying is the only mode of communication between the baby and the adults around him. Usually, a baby cries when he is hungry, sleepy, needs a ...
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