Random Facts To Kill Your Boredom

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Hello everyone. Today is "Monday". Yeah, we know the "Boring Monday". Don't even get us started on how boring a Monday can be. So, to pep your mood for the time being we're sharing facts that kill boredom.

These facts can teach you something new, something which you may have not known about before. Though there are many articles on facts, it never gets boring, as we get to learn something new each time, right?

So, find out about some of these interesting facts that can even puzzle you or make you scratch your head at some point of time.

Trust us, these facts can never bore you, keep reading!


Fact #1

Do you know that if a person sleeps with multiple pillows, he/she is either feeling lonely or is quite depressed!


Fact #2

Every time a dog sees its owner, its brain secretes the same hormone as that of humans when we are in love. No wonder they're always so happy!


Fact #3

Have you heard of the "Dunning-Kruger" effect? Well, it is nothing but a state where intelligent people underestimate themselves and ignorant ones think high of themselves. Well, this is a fact.


Fact #4

Do you know why was bread invented? Well, it was used to erase pencil marks earlier! We wonder who tasted it first though! And good they did!


Fact #5

Do you know that women respond to romance more when their tummies are full? There, you already learnt a new way how you could make your lady respond to your moves *wink wink*


Fact #6

Studies have revealed that people who have more of the oxytocin hormone in their bloodstream are 80% more likely to be generous than the ones who don't.


Fact #7

A barcode consists of black lines over white paper; but when the scanner reads the barcode, it reads it the opposite way, which means that it scans the white bars and leaves the black ones!

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