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Interesting Facts About Snoring

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There is always something interesting to learn about facts and here today, we bring you some of the most interesting facts about snoring that you should know.

Snoring is something that we all do knowingly or unknowingly. This is something that can annoy your partner or give them sleepless nights.

Snoring is quite common when a person is tired or do you know that snoring can be hereditary as well?

Well, a survey report suggests that around 70% of people actually snore, though many of them don't do it on a daily basis.

Find out about such more interesting facts about snoring that can amaze you...


Fact #1

It is actually benign and harmless but it indicates several other health disorders. Though snoring is very common it is something that is not normal.


Fact #2

It is termed as ‘sleep disordered breathing'. This is because snoring actually indicates a group of disorders.


Fact #3

Did you know that during snoring, the tissues that vibrate in the nasal cavity can swell up? This can in turn block the airway and lead to "Obstructed Sleep Apnea" episodes.


Fact #4

There is a form of snoring known as "Socially Unacceptable Snoring" also known as "SUS". This is nothing but loud snoring that is loud enough to prevent other people in the room from sleeping.


Fact #5

There have been reports of "SUS" that is considered to be one reason for long term relationship failure and marriage failure in many cases.


Fact #6

Did you know that snoring can even lead to development of Type 2 Diabetes? Well, it does!


Fact #7

People who snore regularly are at 5 times more increased risk of developing various health issues like hypertension, stroke and cardiac diseases when compared to people who snore occasionally.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 16, 2016, 19:39 [IST]
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