Burglar Who Was Caught After Pooping On The Floor!

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Robbery is something that is very cleverly done. No matter how smartly a robbery is done, there are chances that the thief would leave some clue or the other behind.

This article tells you how a thief was caught because of his own poop. Ewww! Yes, we know you may be wondering as to why the man did his business in the house that he'd robbed in!

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The thief named "Zhang" was caught in a case in 2011. This poor thief did not know that the police would be able to reach him by finding his DNA in the poop that he'd left behind on the floor. How dumb and disgusting of him, we must say!

Check out on how the case was solved and how the thief was caught in the most bizarre way.

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Who Was He?

He had been on the "Wanted" list, since a couple of years, before he was caught, for a total of 287 robberies. He mostly robbed during the night-time only. He'd steal everything from the house, be it money to bus cards to shoes and of course jewellery.


Why He Robbed?

He moved to Beijing in 2011 with his wife. Apparently, he got tired of the hardwork and instead chose this easy way of making money.


What Did He Do With The Money?

All his easy earnings were spent to eat a big meal and go to internet cafes where he'd watch movies.


This Was Not The First Time He Was Caught!

When he was caught the first time, he spent 3 years in jail. He left his hometown in Henan province and permanently moved to Beijing where he found this easy way of making money.


His Poop Revealed His Identity...

Since his DNA report was already present in the police records, it did not take much time to find him with the help of his poop sample. He is now being charged for over 300 thefts!


Moral Of The Story!

If you are a thief and cannot change yourself, do not plan to rob a house when you have diarrhoea!! LOL!

Burglar Who Was Caught After Pooping On The Floor!
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