How To Save A Day Gone Bad?

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There are some days when you wake up from bed with a premonition of doom. You step into the shower and the water goes off, you put the shirt you had ironed last night and the top button comes off. Then you put the bread in the toaster and your toast burns. You try to start your car in a hurry and discover a puncture. You reach office late just 2 minutes after your boss called for you, etc....

When a series of events associated with bad luck happens in our life in quick succession, we usually call it bad day. But, having a bad day is not something uncommon, but you can make it an exceptional day by overcoming it with self motivation. Here are some of the things you can do to save a day that has gone bad.

Bad Day

Ways To Save A Bad Day:

End It: The best thing to do with a bad day is to end it. Go straight home from work; take a half day or leave if necessary. Do not plan any important meetings or dates on such a day. If you are going on a first date with someone special on such a day, you don't want it to go wrong, right? So, call in and make some excuse. Go back home and read good book or watch a nice movie.

Ignore It: If you do not have the luxury to end a bad day at work thereitself, then you have to take the second option and that is ignorance. We have a tendency to crib about the bad luck that we are facing. This usually attracts worse luck. The more you talk about how unfortunate you have been today, the more you will dwell upon it. Ignorance is bliss so just forget about your punctured car or torn shirt for a while. May be the bad omens will clear from your day due to your self motivation!

Do Not Try Anything New: If you have already noticed that you are having an unfortunate day, then it is best to not make any new beginning on that day. Avoid shopping, starting a new project or experimenting with food on that particular day. This precaution has nothing to do with ill omens or superstitions; it is more to do with your frame of mind. Once your mind is made up that you are having bad day, it will reflect in everything that you do.

Coffee And Chocolates: Sometimes it is your gloomy mood that casts a shadow of bad luck on your day. So, you need to use some self motivation to cheer yourself up. Coffee and chocolates can make any day a good day. Grab a cup of steaming coffee to clear your head or give into the temptation of a creamy chocolate to mend anything including a broken heart. You can also eat or drink anything else that secretly tempts you to get over the doldrums of your mood.

Here are some of the best ways to save your day from going bad and affecting you deeply. Do you know of any other way to deal with a bad day?

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