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Impact Of The Weekend

The recent American study suggests that people become happier with the arrival of a weekend and go through better moods from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon.

This joyful “weekend effect" is much linked with the prospect of having the free time with the loved ones, says the study which got published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, in Jan 2010. It is also related with the freedom of what ever we want to do too.

Richard Ryan, the well known writer and professor of Psychology at the University of Rochester says that the people of high status and interesting jobs also enjoy the thought of having a weekend. This show us how significant the free time is to any individual, he says. Though the time we spend on the weekends may be in a simple manner, those off-days provides us the opportunity to communicating with others, exploring our interests and relaxing. They also provide us the means to not to be crowded with the overwork too, he added.

Researchers also analysed the moods of 74 adults, aged between 18 and 62, who work around 30 hours a week. They answered the questionnaires regularly during the morning, afternoon and evening for three weeks.

The participants of the survey had to describe the activities, they were involved with on each of pages. They were also given the scales to rate their moods which include happiness, joy, pleasure, anxiety, anger, depression, etc. They could also note their. physical strains like headaches, respiratory problems, digestive sicknesses, tiredness, etc.

This survey revealed that all of them were happy during the weekends, irrespective of the number of hours worked or the remuneration they earned for that.

The studies authentically prove that everybody experience more liberty and relatedness during the weekends, which has a lot to do with the contentment of the individual. The week days which has been full of activities, and also including the work pressures, instructions and restrictions from the other people obviously give the pleasure during the weekends.

Story first published: Thursday, February 4, 2010, 12:32 [IST]
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