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Fun Weekend Makeup Look To Try For Christmas
Think of the number of parties you would have to attend specifically because it's December! With all the parties raging in, it's really important to have a signature makeup look set for you. We're presenting one of the best makeup looks ...
Best Ways To Relax During A Long Weekend
We all look forward to weekends. This is the time of the week when we get to relax, take time off for ourselves and get to do things that the busy weekdays do not allow us to do. When a long ...
Best Ways To Relax During A Long Weekend
Weekend Special Dessert Recipes
As the weekend starts, we all start thinking about special plans. Either we go out for lunch and dinner or end up going for a long drive. So, basically everyone wants to go out and stay relaxed. But, today we give ...
10 Tips For A Healthy Weekend
The weekend is here and we all have a million things to do, right? Binging over the weekend is everyone's bad habit and though it is seriously unhealthy, most of us follow it like a ritual. If you are used to ...
10 Thoughts A Weekend Lover Gets On Sunday Evening
It is Sunday night and the weekend is just hours away from the dreaded Monday. Most of us love our weekends but you just adore them! You have prepared yourself to bask in all its glory and every little detail is ...
Thoughts A Weekend Lover Gets On Sunday Evening
Make Your Weekend Relaxing!
The weekend is the most precious time for most people. That is when they get to unwind and get rid of the stress that they have accumulated all over the week. But how many people actually make use of those two ...
Keep Your Vacations Short And Sweet
A long vacation in an beautiful island with your better half, sounds heavenly, isn't it? Just imagine yourself, perched in midst of a sea, on an island, sipping on your favorite drink. Just perfect after long days of office work. This ...
Short Vacation Better
Save Your Diet From Weekends
Have you started a new diet programme this week? You might just break it with the upcoming weekend bash. Here are ways in which you can enjoy your weekend party not breaking your fitness rules. FridayFriday nights are the favorite for ...
Office Workers Most Alert On Tuesdays
The office workers are at their top form at office at 11.33, on Tuesdays, says a new study. But it will be a downhill after that with Fridays being the worst day, closely followed by Mondays. After the weekend, two-thirds ...
Office Workers Most Alert Tuesdays
Impact Of The Weekend
The recent American study suggests that people become happier with the arrival of a weekend and go through better moods from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. This joyful “weekend effect” is much linked with the prospect of having the ...
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