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Best Ways To Relax During A Long Weekend

By: Pooja Kaushal

We all look forward to weekends. This is the time of the week when we get to relax, take time off for ourselves and get to do things that the busy weekdays do not allow us to do.

When a long weekend comes up, there is no end to one's joys. An extra day of 'holiday'! Oh, what a relief!

Many a times, it so happens that the long weekend passes by and we realise on the last day of the 'holiday' that we did nothing worthwhile and the precious days just went past us as a total waste.

Rather than feeling relaxed, we feel tired and hopeless. Let this not happen the next time you get a long, extended weekend. Make sure to make the most of it.

How do you materialise your plans? We have some ideas for you.

You could follow these or may be these will give you further ideas for doing something else, something fun and interesting!

The word "relaxing" may mean different to each one of us, as our idea of relaxing may not be the same. So, pick the one that best suits you. Have a look.


Go On A Hike:

Due to time constraints, many may not wish to go on a hike. The weekend just seems to be too short for it. If you are one of those who feel relaxed when close to nature, exploring new grounds, this is just the activity for you.


Attend A Meditation Camp:

The bustle of the city, the daily chaos in office, the traffic jams and the hooting cars can all take a toll on one's mental well-being. What the mind needs here is a little bit of silence and some time to unwind. Meditation is a powerful tool to unwind yourselves, look into oneself and recharge the drained cells. So, make plans for visiting a meditation camp and rid yourself off all the congestion in your mind to return to the daily life all charged up.


Spend Quality Time With Children:

Spending time with children is becoming more of a privilege these days, especially in cities where both parents are working. A long weekend is the time to connect with them, know them better and get involved in their activities.



Do you love having plants at your place? Many of us do but rarely get the time to tend to them. An extra day of holiday will give you all the time to look at each plant with all care required. Gardening is another beautiful way of getting close to Mother Nature. You may be having a lawn garden or a small terrace garden, but the joys of gardening help relax the mind and body completely.



For those who love cooking, it is equivalent to a relaxation activity. Long weekends are the time when you can indulge in this activity to the fullest. You can plan your elaborate meals, cook with all the time you have and savour the meal with equal relaxation. You can also get your family involved in the work to have a happy family time together.


Watch A Movie At Home:

Watching a movie in a theatre is surely an experience in itself, but there are joys of watching a movie at home too. At home, you have the luxury of your home, time and unlimited choices. You can pick up any old classic, a comedy, a thriller or any other genre. You can even watch a movie of your children's choice and enjoy the time being with them.


Forget Time:

Time ticking on our heads is like the sword of Damocles. For once, put away all the clocks at home and live life without looking at the time. Do things at your own pace and live every moment. Try doing this only for one day and you will realise how relaxing this can be.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 13, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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