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NCBS Study Reveals Stress Can Affect The Removal Of Fear Memory
A recent experiment on rats shows that chronic stress can have several significant effects on behaviour and brain morphology. A group of researchers from National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bengaluru, conducted a study on male Wistar rats. According to the ...
Ncbs Study Reveals Stress Can Affect The Removal Of Fear Memory

Have You Ever Dreamt Of Your Teeth Falling Off?
Our dreams tell us something, and this is something that we should listen to carefully. Sometimes, you can understand the real messages from your dreams without much effort. According to research, people tend to dream about their teeth falling at ...
What Is Hypnotherapy And How Does It Work?
Talk about hypnosis and most of us immediately picture a shady magician bringing people on stage and making them cluck around like a chicken. Probably that's why we cringe away from the idea of undergoing hypnotherapy. After all, what if the ...
What Is Hypnotherapy And How Does It Work
Interesting Analysis Based On The Shape Of Your Lips
Lips are considered to be one of the most important features in a human face. One needs to pay attention to them if they are keen on understanding the other person's character. A recent study was published in which the researchers ...
How To Trust A Person Based On His/Her Behaviour
If you wish to understand a person by his/her behaviour and wish to look out for ways to understand him/her, then all you need to do is to just analyse his/her behaviour. According to researchers, a person's behaviour reveals a lot ...
Best Way Judge Person Based On Behaviour
Psychological Tricks That Can Get You What You Want
There are so many things that do not work in our favour and we try and sometimes let go of them, thinking that it is just not possible, but do you realise that being a little smart in certain things can ...
Yoga For Psychological Distress Caused By Break-ups
Sometimes, no matter how much you try to make relationships work, it seems like they are just not meant to be. An unexpected break-up can cause considerable psychological distress. Whatever the reason for separation may be, a break-up can turn the ...
Yoga Asanas For Psychological Distress
7 Best Tips To Raise An Introverted Child
Surely, whether we are parents yet or not, most of us would already know that parenting is not an easy job, especially if your child is slightly different from the others. Did you know that there are a few tips that ...
Simple Home Solutions To Deal With Psychological Changes
Psychology is all about how humans deal with various changes to the minds on an everyday basis. What changes they face every day, how they perceive the various changes about them and many more. In this article, we have compiled some ...
Simple Home Solutioms To Deal With Psychological Changes
How To Deal With A Depressed Child?
Do you feel that your child has been spending a lot of time locked in his/room, lately? Is your child quite withdrawn and seems sad all the time? If yes, then you should not brush it off as a mood swing. ...
Using Reverse Psychology To Calm Your Rebellious Child
Children these days are smart, in fact they are smarter than kids of the last 2 generations put together. Parents of the 21st century often find themselves wondering, how did children get so smart! Parenting techniques and tactics that were used ...
How To Use Reverse Psychology With Your Child
Ozzy Osbourne Affected By Hypochondria
The English singer Ozzy Osbourne admits that he has persistent neurotic conviction of falling ill.The Godfather of heavy metal band Black Sabbath tries his best, not to get sick by doing daily physical exercise.“I’m a hypochondriac. I love ...
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