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Potential Therapeutic Targets For Cystic Fibrosis
The potential targets for the cure of cystic fibrosis has been discovered. Cystic Fibrosis is the condition which leads to the progressive disorders in the functioning of lungs and pancreas. It may also cause gastrointestinal obstruction or blockage. The defective signalling ...
Cystic Fibrosis

TV Violence Doesn't Entertain Audience Much
The fights shown on TV shows and movies are less likely to provide enjoyment for the viewers. Audience always like to watch non-violent shows, as it is a medium meant for getting cheered up. The surveys conducted by University ...
Own A Cat? More Clever!
Clever people are more likely to own cats, than dogs. Cat owners have a degree more than dog owners- reveals the study from University of Bristol. The household members who work more hours have less time to spend for ...
Own Cat Clever
Is 'Austrayan' Accent Facing Extinction?
The native Australian accent is on its way to extinction, suggests speech scientists.The melting pot of multi-cultural voices and dialects may push the “Austrayan” accent out the window.Macquarie University phoneticians, Felicity Cox and Sallyanne Palethorpe launched a new interactive ...
Lady Teachers Transfer Math Anxiety To Girls
The latest studies prove that the lady teachers scared of math, generally pass their anxieties to the girl students. If the teachers are more tensed about the subject, their girl students can be labelled to the group who say ...
Math Anxiety
Impact Of The Weekend
The recent American study suggests that people become happier with the arrival of a weekend and go through better moods from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. This joyful “weekend effect” is much linked with the prospect of having the ...
Hasty Pudding Man Award of 2010 to Justin Timberlake
The world famous singer, Justin Timberlake will be honoured by Harvard University with this year's Hasty Pudding Man Award. He has been recognized as one among the most influential entertainers of the pop culture. The awards are given every year by ...
Hasty Pudding Man
Artificial Collagen May Help Treat Arthritis
Scientists have created the strongest form of collagen known to science, a stable alternative to human collagen that could one day be used to treat arthritis and other collagen related defects. Collagen is the most abundant ...
The Local Accents in Britain Still Flourishes Well!
The latest academic studies says that the provincial accents in the United Kingdom still advances a lot, besides the homogeneous outlooks of the society.Accents may swallowed up or merged with the countrywide speaking styles, though some minor variations ...
Local Accents Britain
Violent Side Of A Blonde
Blonde women are aggressive, determined and have 'warlike' characteristics as compared to their brunette or redhead counterparts, says a study.On the other hand, researchers of the University of California found that women with fair hair were likely to ...
Confusion: Widely Emerging Emotion
Joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise and disgust are the most common emotions that are expressed by the humans all over the world. However, emotions like elevation, gratitude, pride and confusion have become their 21st century companions.Most of ...
Common Emotions Confusion
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