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    What Does Your Lipstick Shade Reveal About You

    Have you ever wondered that when you look at a person there is so much that you can know about them by just having a single look at them?

    From the way we present ourselves to the world to the way we dress up, to the way we shape our eyebrows, we need to understand that it can speak volumes about our personalities. This is something that one can understand even before we open our mouths.

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    So, here we bring to you the different shades of lipsticks that can reveal a lot about your personality.

     Lipstick Shade Can Reveal This About You

    Check it out...


    Bright Red

    Wearing a bright red lipstick is all about making a bold statement. The colour projects confidence and self-assuredness to the world. These women enjoy being admired, and they do not mind if others see their sensual side.

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    This lipstick colour contains shades of both violet and gray. The colour reveals that the woman is not a flashy person, and is sober instead. They know exactly what they are doing.



    This shade reveals that she is generous. She cares deeply about her family and friends, and one will always have their back. They are basically unconditional givers when it comes to their time, energy, and love.


    Hot Pink

    This colour indicates that they are not afraid to show the world their wild side. They are bubbly and energetic. This colour hints at their mischievous side and is considered as one of the best shades of lipstick to own.


    Baby Pink

    This colour is the choice of women who like giving off feminine and girly vibes to others. They love dressing up and grooming themselves well. They are the day-dreamers and harsh realities of the world do not matter to them.



    They enjoy every aspect of life, as they know how to live in the moment. When it comes to love, they prefer the thrill of the chase over a quick conquest. It is all about seduction, in every sense of the word to them.



    Women who opt for nude shades are shy, but they are extremely warm and caring once they open up. Once a person knows their warmer side, they are sure to fall in love with them. They are kind and passionate about what they love as well.


    The Glossy Shades

    They are the leaders and not followers. Women who choose to wear just lip-gloss only are considered to be friendly. They do not like to wear colours that most of the women do. They like to do something different from the majority.


    No Lipstick At All!

    Women who choose not to wear any lipstick are generally of low maintenance, as wearing no lipstick makes them seem like they do not care about their looks. If they did take in a little effort, it would make them look alive.

    So girls which shade defines your personality the best? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, December 6, 2017, 13:12 [IST]
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