Colour Of Your Palm Reveals This Secret About You

By looking at the palm of a person, there is a lot that can be revealed about him. From the career path he'd take, to the luck factor and most of the things related to his life - these can be predicted based on the colour of the palm.

We'll let you know what different coloured palms can signify and what they could reveal about a person's personality.

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What are you waiting for? Continue to read to know what the different colours of the palm can help reveal about the characteristics of a person.


Pink Palms

This is the general colour that most people have. It indicates that these individuals love to have a disciplined life. Everything is balanced out in their life. Be it the diet, education, well-being, to relationships and spirituality, which is all set in place. These guys are the healthiest people. People whose palm colour ranges from slightly pink to deep pink are considered to be great thinkers.

Red Palms

People who have eye-catching visibly red-coloured palms can get ones attention easily, as it's not that common. These individuals are believed to be extremely hard working and are always involved in social work. Their life's mantra is, "work hard and party harder." Most of their hard work involves a lot of manual labour. The colour red is considered to be a mirror to their extremely emotional side. They are always seen taking up jobs that require more of a muscular task, than the mind.

Yellow Palms

People with yellow palms need to be quite cautious, as this can be related to health issues like jaundice. They are more prone to stress, anxiety, worry, and over-thinking. They lack sympathy for themselves. These guys are known to experience the indications of seasonal changes before others do. They are close listeners to their souls. They often get annoyed, when things start turning negative for them. They feel detached and depressed very soon.

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White & Pale Palms

These guys have a calmer nature, which often leaves others around them amused. They are said to be soft-spoken, well-mannered and they respect everything that nature has given them. Apart from this, they enjoy and view life like no other person does. They never have any kind of expectations from others and they come across as being emotionally detached or as a cold-sided personality.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, September 6, 2017, 12:42 [IST]
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