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    Real-life Stories: Woman Who Sucked Her Husband's Blood Every Night!

    Almost every other day, there are reports of some evil practices that crop up in the news across India. From beheading young children to having penises cut, a lot more bizarre things are done in the name of black magic.

    This is the case of a woman who drank the blood from her husband's body every single night.

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    The case is quite chilling, and yet not something unheard of, as this is one of the most common black magic practices that people have been following.

    Check out more details on this bizarre case, below.


    She Hails From…

    The woman hails from Sairaipur of Birbhum, Bengal. She had apparently developed quite a weird fondness for blood and she used to drink blood from her husband's mouth.


    The Practice That Happened Every Day…

    It is said that she began the occult ritual of drinking her husband's blood on a new moon night. She would apparently make her husband lie beside a "trishula" and bit his lips.


    What Happened On The Fateful Night?

    According to reports, the woman's mother-in-law claimed that the woman was possessed and she said that she would sit on his chest every night and suck blood from his mouth!


    Her Actions Were Weird...

    Her neighbours claimed that her actions were highly odd and they even accused her of being a 'witch'. The villagers suspected that she was the reason behind her husband's sudden death.

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    The Man Eventually Died…

    Her bizarre practice is said to have taken away the life of the poor husband, as doctors claimed that he was anaemic and even after the blood transfusion, he could not survive and hence the woman was labelled as a witch who practiced witch-craft on her husband.


    Did She Really Drink His Blood?

    Though the woman's in-laws claim that the woman practiced black magic, there is no proof that she was really practicing black magic or not, as the parents of the woman claim that she is simply being targeted and the man was already sick with other health issues.

    What do you think could be the reality? Does black magic really exist? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Monday, December 4, 2017, 22:10 [IST]
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