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Reasons Why You Cannot Move Your Body When You Wake Up

Though most of us have experienced some bizarre conditions in our sleep pattern, there is a little effort that is taken to understand the actual cause of it.

Many people experience the problem of suddenly waking up in the middle of sleep and realise that they are unable to do anything; however, they choose to ignore this condition when they are in a fully awake state.

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Here, we are about to explain about this condition, which is known as sleep paralysis.

This is a condition in which the person wakes up in his mid-sleep and realises that he is unable to move.

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Read to learn more about this condition.


What Exactly Happens In This Condition?

According to a report, around 7.6% of the general population experiences sleep paralysis. These are the people who have a disrupted sleep pattern; and those suffering from mental disorders, like anxiety and depression, suffer from this condition.


But When The Brain Is Working, Why Does The Body Not Move?

Researchers claim that there are three or four stages of non-REMs, which are also known as the rapid eye movements, in which dreams appear to be more real but in reality, it is just a dream!


Heard About The REM Antonia?

The brain is said to be highly active during the REM phase of sleep. Many people believe that the body is not able to act as well in this condition.


People Feel Somebody Is Around Them!

Most of the people who suffer from this condition feel some kind of a presence around thrm. Researchers claim that this happens to people who are depressed or sad.


There Are Different Types Of Sleep Paralysis

According to research, there are three types of hallucinations that people experience and these conditions are termed "incubus", "intruder" and "unusual bodily experiences".


The Incubus Type

In this condition, people feel an intense pressure on their chest and they feel uneasy while breathing. This is mainly because they are scared.


The Intruder Type

In this condition, people tend to feel a kind of presence, a fear, and also experience visual and auditory hallucinations. In this state, even a slight sound can frighten them.


The Unusual Body Experiences Type

In this condition, people feel like they are levitating or flying around the room; but the brain is said to be active at the time the person is half sleeping.

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