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Really!! Watching A Movie Burns 200 Calories?

Wondering on how to burn calories sitting on a chair? Well, there are different things that people try to do when they want to lose weight.

But have you heard about burning your calories by just watching horror movies? Well, one surely can!

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Studies have revealed that a person can lose up to 200 calories when they watch a horror movie.

What better way to shed our fat by watching movies than struggling at the gym, eh!

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Here is a list of movies that a person can watch while simply losing fat and burning calories. Check them out...



Movie Name: The Shining
Researches claim that watching this movie can easily burn upto 184 calories.



Movie Name: Jaws
This movie can burn up to 161 calories, as per the study on this topic!



Movie Name: The Exorcist
Yeah, this scary movie can easily burn up to 158 calories!



Movie Name: Alien
Researchers have claimed that this movie can easily burn up to 152 calories.



Movie Name: Saw
Well, this movie can help burn up to 133 calories!



Movie Name: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Watching this movie will easily burn up to 118 calories! Woah!!



Movie Name: Paranormal Activity
Who knew this movie can help burn only 111 calories? Too less an amount for all the screaming and fear!



Movie Name: The Blair Witch Project
Researchers have claimed that this movie can help burn over 105 calories!



Movie Name: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Even though this movie is scary, it is said that only 107 calories got burned during the study!



Movie Name: [Rec]
Though the numbers are not that great, even then watching this movie will burn up to 101 calories!

So have you watched all of them yet? Do let us know.

Story first published: Monday, April 10, 2017, 15:26 [IST]
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