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Scary Live Suicide Attempts On Social Media

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Everything we do in our daily life is shared online. From feeling bored to being excited or frustrated, we share it with the world. In this process, we make a connect with the virtual world and friends whom we hardly meet in person. They become our soul consolers.

This article, is all about some of the cases of people who have live-streamed their death to the world. Some of these people are lucky as they have been saved while most of them just died on the spot!

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Depression is something that can kill a person instantly and we have friends around us who are depressed, then they need to guided and spoken to as it can avoid unwanted suicides.

Check out the stories of these people who shook the world with the live-streaming of their deaths.


A Heartbroken Turkish Man Shot Himself!

Erdogan Ceren was just 22 years old. This cute looking guy apparently shot himself while live on Facebook after his girlfriend broke up with him. The viewers tried to get him to stop, but he fired the second time after his first shot missed. Unfortunately he died.


A Teen Attempted Suicide While 18,000 People Watched!

A teenage girl from St. Paul, Minnesota attempted suicide during a Facebook live stream. She apparently was drinking a poisonous substance while around 18,000 people watched her die painfully!


A Pre-Teen Killed Herself

This young girl hanged herself to death while she filmed the entire act. She claimed that her step dad had abused her emotionally, sexually and verbally!

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An Actor Who Faced Sexual Assault Charges…

Frederick Jay Bowdy shot himself during a Facebook live stream in January 2017. He was recently arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. He was released after posting $100,000 on bail.


A Model Who Streamed Her Suicide Attempt

A Hong Kong model, named Ng Shuk Yi, broadcasted her suicide attempt to a live audience on Facebook in the early hours of January 16, 2017. Luckily she was saved at the nick of time and reports claim that she is recovering.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 5, 2017, 21:49 [IST]
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