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Sexual Assault Expressed Through Artwork!

Generally, people who are sexually assaulted find it difficult to express their feelings. They search for the right words to reveal about their trauma to their close ones whom they can really confide in.

But showcasing these feelings through the form of art is quite unique and this helps a person to express their fear and disgust in a much better way; and this is what an artist has done!

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These are the images of how well the artist has expressed about the sexual assault a person has undergone with a unique way of conveying those ill feelings in the form of artwork.

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Though there are many ways by which one can portray their feelings, be it writing or enacting, art is known to also best connect with a person.


This Is An Artwork Of Emma Krenzer

She is Emma Krenzer, the artist who has painted the piece using her fingers. Check her art...


She Had A Plan…

She had chalked a plan in her mind and said, "I thought about what was true for myself, and also, what I perceived to be commonly true for people in general, when I mapped out these touches."


She Demands Justice Through Her Work

Since her art is unique, she put her thoughts in the right direction and made this masterpiece of art that shows who touched her.


She Said…

"I made this project largely for myself to actually visualize the lasting impact that touch can have on an individual". Apparently, she is looking forward to making a larger series.


Way To Go, Girl!!

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