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Everything You Need To Know About The Science of Sex

The word 'sex' is not about just making love or having an intercourse. It instead defines a human body and its needs.

Sex as a subject is vast to learn about and learning on certain facts becomes important to know the human body and intricacies of human life! So, we bring to you some of the interesting facts on sex that you should know of.

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These are the facts that will help you learn more about the basic scientific aspects dealing with intercourse as a subject and not about love-making alone.

So, read on to know more on these scientific intricacies of sex.


Clitoris Is Mostly An Internal Organ

Whoever thinks that the little protruding muscle in the woman's vagina is the clitoris, then you are fooled! It is just the tip of the clitoris, and the whole of clitoris is located in the pelvis. It actually wraps around the vagina when excited and it makes the love-making process more pleasurable.


Penetration Is Not Necessary To Get Pregnant!

A man does not have to penetrate into a woman to make her pregnant. Even pre-ejaculation or ejaculating near a woman's vulva will do the job!


Weird, But Semen Is Claimed To Be Nutritious!

Reports have claimed that semen contains a protein as that present in the egg white. And semen is also rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B12 and zinc!


Women Look More Attractive When They Make Love!

Wait this does not mean that they need to make love just to look attractive! But since the oestrogen levels double up, it makes the hair appear shinier and skin softer in women. There is an increase in blood flow throughout the body as well that makes women look more attractive during sex.


Birth Control Changes The Choices Of Women!

Studies have proved that women who are on birth control pills have a weird fetish of looking for a long-term relationship than just physical relationships. Strange, isn't it?

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Washing Vagina Does Not Avoid Pregnancy!

If a woman thinks that she would not turn pregnant after a nice vaginal wash after love-making, then she is wrong, as a woman can become pregnant even after she washes her vagina thoroughly, since the sperms are known to be quite active and can stay for upto 3 days and fully functional in the vagina.


Sex Gets Better With Age

Practice makes one perfect and with age, even sex life is known to get better. On a lighter note, there you go, there is a bright future for all!

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