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My Story: North Korea Ordeals Revealed By This Girl

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North Korea is known to be the darkest place on earth. It is a place of horror, as it has the world's most regressive regimes.

Yeonmi Park is a young brave woman who shared the baffling details of reality that linger in the shadows of torture that the residents of this country go through.

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Check out the heart-breaking video as she shares some of the most darkest and deepest details of the country she was born in.

She was in a global platform, One Young World Summit, and wanted to make the world aware of the torture that is being done on her people by the government of North Korea.


She Is Yeonmi Park…

She escaped the clutches of death to reveal her harrowing story to the world in a global platform, One Young World Summit.


She Is One Of The Activists

She is one of the activists who is helping her people and trying to free them from this dictatorship that they have been seeing since the time they were born.


She Narrated As To How She Saw Executions

She stated how she saw her friend's mum being executed for a mere reason; and the reason was that she watched a Hollywood movie! She saw this terror when she was just 9 years old!


She Thought The Dictators Could Read Her Mind…

As her mum had warned her not to whisper anything, she felt that the North Korean dictator could actually read her mind.

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She Has Successfully Fled From Hell…

She has successfully fled from hell, and is currently an activist who is fighting for her people's freedom.

Check out her heart-wrenching video.

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