Mysterious Messages People Found In Bottles

People have been writing messages in paper and putting them in bottles and throwing them in the oceans with a hope that in some part of the world, somebody would read it.

Lucky are those who have discovered a message in a bottle, as their lives have changed forever in a positive way, while there are those messages of people too, which have haunted the ones that have found it and read it.

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Though most of the floating letters are real messages in bottles, some of these are even sometimes sent as a joke.

Messages people found in bottles

Some of the messages that are found in bottles might offer good news or bad, while a few can express their emotions of a longing state for love or friendship and all of them offer a sense of wonder and wishfulness.

So, we are here to share some of the bottled messages that people have found in the past, take a look.


Message From The Titanic

People have always wondered if the passengers had time and presence of mind to write notes from the sinking Titanic. In the recent times, people found a note from the sinking Titanic, which was written by a young Irishman named 'Jeremiah Burke', who was travelling with a cousin to join their family in Boston. Sadly, he could not make it and perished along with the sinking boat. The message read:
"From Titanic, goodbye all, Burke of Glanmire, Cork."


A Message From The Sinking Boat…

The person who would have written this message must have realised that he only had a few moments left to roll up the note and secure it in a bottle and seal it before tossing it into the sea just in time. Hence, the message was incomplete...
"Still on deck with a few people. The last boats have left. We are sinking fast. Some men near me are praying with a priest. The end is near. Maybe this note will..."


A Bottle From The Infamous Nazi Concentration Camp

There are some bottles that have messages saved in them and they are found even on the land apart from water. The bottle held a message dated September 9, 1944, and it was discovered in 2009. It had a desperate camp inmate who had recorded the names and the camps that had assigned numbers, and hometowns of seven male prisoners.

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The Last Message

A young British soldier named Pvt. Thomas Hughes had written a lovely message for his wife while he was on duty. He threw the bottled message in the ocean and it never reached his wife. Apparently, Thomas died 2 days after he wrote the message. The message read:
"Dear Wife, I am writing this note on this boat and dropping it into the sea just to see if it will reach you. If it does, sign this envelope on the right hand bottom corner where it says receipt. Put the date and hour of receipt and your name where it says signature and look after it well. Ta ta sweet, for the present. Your Hubby."


A Message From A Grieving Mum

A woman named 'Maurice' had lost her son who was only thirteen years old. To overcome her grief, she wrote a message and threw it in the ocean. The message read:
"Forgive me for being so angry at your disappearance. I still think there's been some mistake, and I keep waiting for God to fix it... Forgive me for not having known how to protect you from death. Forgive me for not having been able to find the words at that terrible moment when you slipped through my fingers."

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    Story first published: Thursday, November 16, 2017, 18:08 [IST]
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