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Talk To Your Child About Sexual Abuse, NOW!

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Educating children about sexual abuse is something that is very important in today's world. So, we are here with some of the best tips that you can educate your child with about sexual assault.

With increasing number of child abuse instances, it has become quite essential that we make our children aware of the good and bad touch.

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Hearing different stories about children being molested or abused by their own family members is very disturbing indeed and imagine if it ever happened to your own child as well. It can literally kill you!

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That is why educating our innocent kids becomes highly important. Gone are the days when parents hesitated to discuss or teach kids about sex education. With the vast technology, it becomes important that you teach them about this ASAP...

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Check out how you can help your child know the difference between a good and bad touch.


How To Start The Conversation?

Take your child for a walk and start the discussion about sexual assaults in a place that is calm and make sure the child listens to it carefully, instead of getting scared. Make sure you do not give a disgusting image about this to him/her, as he/she might think it to be a taboo.


Do Not Be Nervous While Talking...

One needs to remember that they cannot be nervous while they talk to the child, as the child will not concentrate on the subject, and will instead pay more attention to your way of speaking and body language. So, watch out...


Do Not Wait For The Child To Turn Into A Teen To Talk..

You can start educating your child who can be as young as 2 years old to educate them about a good touch and a bad touch. Even though they can hardly speak, their grasping power is way too powerful at this age and hence it helps them remember things better.


Teach The Kids About The Actual Names Of Private Parts...

Just the way you teach the kids about different parts of the body, teach them the actual names of their privates. Do not teach them the cute names instead. This gives them the right words to use if someone is hurting them.


Teach Them Who Can Touch Or See Their Private Parts

This is something really important. A kid should know when can their swimming instructor or a doctor for that matter touch or examine their privates. Educate them that they can do this only in front of certain people like doctors, who just examine them for good health and nothing more!


Teach Them Privates Are Special...

Teach them that their private parts are special; and that is why, nobody else should touch them, unless someone is helping them to keep their private parts clean, safe, or healthy.


Teach Them To Respect Their Bodies...

Do not allow the child to hug and kiss people around when they are socialising. They do not have to agree to the forceful hugs and kisses by the elders too. After all, their body is solely theirs and they have all the right!

If you think that you can share some more points on this topic, then do share them in the comment section below. After all, sharing is caring!

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