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Brutal Incidents That Have Taken Place On American Black Friday!

After the Thanksgiving day, there is another event that the Americans celebrate and it is called the Black Friday. This makes people go crazy and this day is known as the "Black Friday Sale", as it is a day that marks the beginning of the shopping season in the world.

During this day, there are big sales in all the huge shopping marts and malls. Here, people go crazily insane and just grab any damn thing they can find in their way.

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Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the videos where people have gone berserk, while entering these malls, causing some of the brutal incidents.

The darkest fact is that there is no guarantee that you would get back home safely if you decide to participate in the event, as there have been many deaths reported every year on the American Black Friday!

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Check out these videos...

A Man Died At Target!

A 61-year-old chemist Walter Vance collapsed on the floor, while everybody kept rushing to grab the deals and loot the mall. Sad part was, he died due to stampede and people did not really bother about him lying down. It was too late when he was taken to the hospital. This incident makes one realise that these events are not for the aged or elderly, as they may not be able to survive these!

Unfortunate Incident At Walmart In 2007!

This video was shot in 2007 at 5 AM in the morning of a Black Friday. The video shows the way people are crazily rushing inside Walmart. The funny side we can see in this video is, though a woman fell down and her wig was off her head, she made sure she fixed it before getting up! Seriously? Well, we wonder why such a craze!

Again At Walmart In 2014!

Check out the video as to how people are eagerly waiting at the Walmart gates; and once the gates open, they go crazy and loot the sale. There is hardly any space for a person to step in, as it is all crowded and there is so much chaos. We still question this, Why Americans, Why?

Be Careful At Porter Ranch Walmart!

If you have been well prepared for the loot, there might be a little ugly surprise, as you can get stabbed or pepper-sprayed in this Walmart, as there was a case of a woman who did this to make her way through the sale!

Fight For Just Anything!

This video makes us think, "do they really need all that stuff they're grabbing?" Well, this shows that humans are nothing but just sheep, they follow everything blindly and do not realise whether it is right or wrong.

After checking out so many videos, we wonder if you could try going to these places on this day or just relax and watch people go berserk.

 Black Friday!
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Leave in your comments and do mention what you'd do on this Black Friday!

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