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    Top 5 Friendly Dogs For Home

    Friendly Dog Breeds

    For some, life is very boring without pets. They try getting home different pet breeds and start experimenting on them, some dogs are really cool for heavy petting but some can make life miserable. Today, we shall discuss on the breeds that are been rated by most owners as the most friendly dogs for home. Take a look.

    These friendly dogs are ready to do anything for their masters, harmless, loveable and too cute to look at. They can be a part of your family and add fun to lives. Here is the list.

    Top 5 Friendly Dogs For Home

    1. Retriever – These are favourite family pets. They are gentle, loyal to owner and very friendly. They like kids and can bare children pranks. They hardly bark loud. Labradors will love to do anything and everything the kids do, they like swimming and playing all life.
    They are no match to laziness so require exercise and proper potty training. They can adjust to any lifestyle and like to get pampered.
    Disadvantage: Shed lot of hair and need brushing everyday.

    2. Boxer – The active breed (in contrary to retriever) like to take a glance at everything. They are homely and love the family. Since the fur is too short, brushing can happen alternatively.
    Boxers love being mischievous and may mess up the house completely so it is better to train a boxer pup than the big goofy. They are metro pets and like living in cities. Taking them for a walk is enough exercise for this friendly dog breed.

    3. Labrador – Needless to say, they are the most common friendly dog breeds. They too like kids and are good guardians. No hair problems, no loud barking.

    They are good apartment friendly dogs as they don't demand a private space for themselves (and don't mind if given). Labradors are not fussy pets and adjust well with family. The dog breed is even visitor friendly.

    4. Pugs – They are likeable and most preferred dog breeds. The stubborn dogs need a strict training and well trained are totally loveable and friendly.
    They are too dependent to the owner and listen to only his/her commands. Choosy and like luxury.
    One common disadvantage with the small breeds is barking. The Pups need to be trained and not pampered too much to keep them in control.

    5. Beagle – The cutest of all breed is also the most preferred for heavy petting. Their common behavioural issues is the anxiety and the scenting behaviour. The pet may go in search of the scent so much so that they even ignore the owner's commands.

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