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Love Pets? Here's A List Of Safest Dog Breeds Ideal For Kids And Families

Dogs simply make us smile and they are a hybrid of natural comedians and cute babies that we can never get enough of! A hug and a biscuit is all they ask from you, and they become your bestie forever. They are amenable to punishment and will not mind being disciplined for their unruly behaviour. They are neither choosy about the clothes you choose for them nor object to eating whatever you dish out to them.

Through their silent expression of companionship and unique gestures, they introduce you to their world, in which there is nothing but loyalty and love. With the arrival of a pet into our lives, invariably, we realize major life lessons, adopt a different perspective on life, learn to empathize and find new ways to connect emotionally with people so that our social relationships get better day by day. That apart, by just feeding them, you can be assured that they will hang around you for life as long as they live, as our support systems reduce stress levels and keep us in a good mood. If you are fond of furry friends, then you are in the right place. Check out the list of safest dog breeds that are ideal for friends and families.

How Having A Pet Can Positively Impact Mental Health

Dogs are our constant source of emotional support, and a therapeutic presence in our lives fraught with stress. Our furry friends offer a pet therapy, free of charge and expectations, that help us preserve our sanity. An additional but important benefit that we eke out of them is that we pick up parenting skills, not from them, but due to them. Yet another advantage of being a dog parent is that it helps us form a strong emotional identity that we need to complete ourselves.

Pet dogs diffuse your stress and have a pacifying effect on your emotions. They certainly deserve to be a part of your health kit as they provide the emotion focussed therapy that restores your health, helps you build your coping strategies to heal you emotionally. Pet therapy also keeps heart disease, cancer and even mental health issues at bay. Give back in return to what your furry friends do for you by building luxurious shelters, or reward them with pet fashion items, and most importantly take care of them. Although they are themselves greatly stressed, they keep us happy and calm.

Why To Look For Traits And Temperament

This is not to presume that all dog types are friendly and caring. Certain types of dogs are intended for certain specific purposes. Dogs have their own personalities and a mind of their own. You must have often heard and seen videos of dogs that can yelp or sing well. It is important to choose a good breed but it is more important to impart a good breeding. It is through training that you can mold the dog to suit your purposes. It is important to see how well the dog interacts with the family.

The personality traits and temperament of a dog should be well matched with the demands and personality of the owner. Dogs that are bundles of energy and eagerness to please the owner, are usually the best bets to consider. The dog should be able to adjust with your family's hobbies and lifestyles. A family of outgoing extroverts with older kids may choose a certain dog breed which may not suit a family living in an apartment with the toddlers.

Temperament (personality), size, energy level, are the three features that can choose the dog of your dreams to welcome to your home. A calmer dog not only behaves agreeably but can also bond well emotionally with you apart from being a great friend to your kids.

Size is the second consideration which should be judged along with the other two parameters. Some smaller dogs can be really irritating while some huge sized dogs can be as docile as a calf. Families with small kids can't afford to choose large dogs as they can easily be knocked down by the dog.

Talking about energy level, a person with an active lifestyle would not be able to tolerate a dog that is as relaxed and laid back as a Basset hound. That apart, a dog certainly needs more exercise as it is a basically active creature. If a dogs activity needs are not met adequately, it messes him up psychologically leading to behavioural issues. You must meet the prospective dog several times before you even conclude that he is an ideal match for you.

Also, a based on the body language of a dog you will know whether it is fit your family members or not. Does it, upon seeing them, cower in a corner or wag its tail? A dog that is very possessive about its belongings is not the best fit for a family with small kids. A family with toddlers is much likely to prefer a dog breed that has a judicious mix of patience, playfulness and protective spirit in a dog.

Find out if the dog is sociable or is a one-man dog. An old dog needs frequent visits to the veterinary clinic whereas a long-haired dog will need to be groomed on a daily basis. While a puppy will require more attention to be trained well before it levels up to your expectations, in case of an older dog, it may need more time to break the ice. Further, they also need relationship, scientific, model-rival or mirror trainings so that it is beneficial for them as well as you whenever you want to become a pet parent.

12 Safest Dog Breeds That Are Ideal For Kids And Families


1. Retrievers

There are many types of retrievers but Labradors are literally the bundles of joy that can match the activity levels of your kids. They are expert swimmers too. Also, highly playful dogs are the Golden Retrievers are very intelligent and loyal. Patient to the hilt, they suit both extroverted and introverted temperaments.


2. Irish Setter

Irish Setters are the ideal companions as they prefer company over solitude. They are a safe and easily trainable breed. They are a pleasure to play with and the perfect workout partners.


3. Beagle

Beagle is a small scent hound and is an extremely sweet, interactive, and playful cuddly dog that suits small families. Also, they are very active and curious and require very low grooming.


4. Border Collie

It is a British breed of herding dog. They bond very well as they are loyal, sensitive, and intelligent. Therefore, one can train them very easily. They are also good at canine activities and are ideal for families.


5. Boston Terrier

Although these dogs are puny these gregarious dogs love to socialize. They are attention mongers that keep making new friends for their unending play sessions.


6. Staffordshire Bull Terriers

They are loyalty personified and they are as friendly with kids as they are with older adults. They revel in socialising and are always at their best playing a fetch game or long walks with their pet parents.


7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

These puppies were born and bred to be the perfect company for their human owners. They love mingling and those happy moments they spend with their owners on the couch, all snuggled up and comfortable. They are in their element when love and affection is showered upon them.


8. Cockapoo

They are also known as Cockerdoodle or Spoodle and are a very lively dog breed. They are extrovert, cheerful, and eager to please their human parents. In fact they divide their time between playing and cuddling.


9. Boxers

For those that are smitten with big dogs, Boxers are the worthiest choices. Playing is their favorite preoccupation. They are family oriented and shower oodles of love and enthusiasm on you when you are back from office.


10. Shih Tzus

They are the legacy of Tibetan monks that were originally gifted to Chinese royalty. These lovely dogs are pint sized and just right to curl up on their owner's lap to get all the attention they deserve.


11. French Bulldogs

They are the chosen ones for those inexperienced owners, and families who love laid back and unusual dogs. They are your typical attention grabbers who play safe and friendly with kids and adults.


12. Basset Hounds

They are totally relaxed and love to mingle especially if they are trained to be so in their early years. They love human company and are well liked by children.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons

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