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Cut Back On Alcohol: 9 Tips To Drink A Little Less Alcohol This New Year

New year celebrations mean fun, music, dance, food, drinks It goes without saying that this is that time of the year when alcohol consumption reaches a peak across the world and this is where it gets risky in terms of health. Even people who stay far away from drinking the whole year, booze a bit in the new year's festive mood. Well, no complaints on people who keep their drinking habit in control and focus on enjoying this time of the year but, for those who often become vulnerable after too much alcohol consumption, here are a few tips which will make you cut a little less on alcohol and enjoy the time with friends and family. [1]

Tips To Drink A Little Less Alcohol


1. Write it down

Set a realistic goal by writing down your guidelines about how many drinks you want to consume in a week or month. This will remind you continuously about your goals and help you cut a little less on your alcohol. Initiating such habits also helps in reducing the risk of alcohol-related health disorders like liver cirrhosis.


2. Drink slowly

Sipping alcohol slowly is one of the best tricks to reduce the amount of alcohol consumption. The best way to do this is by inviting your friends whenever there's a boozing plan. This will make you talk with them more and drink less. Also, avoid drinking alcohol in an empty stomach.


3. Watch your favourite series

Watching a series with your friends at home is way more cheaper than boozing at a bar with friends. This will make you enjoy peacefully and spend quality time with your friends in the new year.


4. Opt for a pleasant substitute

There are several nonalcoholic drinks in the market like a fruit smoothie, mulled apple juice and lemonade, which makes for a pleasant and soothing substitute for alcohol. Opt for those drinks and slowly try to include it in your new year's healthy habits.


5. Drink water not alcohol to quench thirst

We may have heard people giving silly reasons to drink alcohol. Always remember that alcohol is not something which will quench your thirst. So, keep all the excuses aside and drink only water if you are thirsty. Also, try to drink a glass of alcohol first followed by a glass of water to cut the alcohol intake into half.


6. Go for low alcoholic drinks

The most favourable and easiest ways to cut down on alcohol is by replacing the high alcoholic drinks by low ones. Opt for drinks like wine and beer as they have less ethanol content or probably select soda-based drinks. However, don't forget your limit.


7. Make a money log

It's as simple as it looks. Keep a track of the money you have spent or going to spend in a week or month for alcohol. This will make you think again before you plan to booze the next time and may change your mind to save all those amounts.


8. Avoid triggers

You may have noticed that most of the times when people meet someone or come across certain situations or activities like friends meet or office party, it turns on their boozing mood and causes an urge to drink. To cut on alcohol, avoid such triggers and remember that health is more important than anything.


9. A simple ‘No’ works well

Always saying ‘yes' to alcohol is not a good thing to do. Sometimes, it's better to politely say the word ‘no thank you' when someone offers you a drink and you are in no mood to have it. Remember to say it quickly and firmly without giving them another chance to change your mind.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 1, 2020, 19:00 [IST]
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