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10 Diet and Fitness Tips For Busy People

In today's world, everyone is living a busy life. They are so busy with their work, life, friends and family that taking care of their own diet and fitness had moved out of the list. People have started placing their job and other commitments over their health and had opened doors for many chronic diseases and illnesses. Although many are aware of the importance of health, they don't know how to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy is not an option but an essential thing in life. No matter how busy life gets, one should always keep health as their first priority. This can be achieved by a little extra effort, smart planning and dedication. In this regard, we have put together some amazing diet and fitness tips for those busy bees out there who are unable to invest their time on healthy diets and workouts. These tips will help them stay healthy without interfering in their day-to-day activities.


1. Buy healthy to eat healthily

Grocery shopping every week is a must because if you want to eat healthily, you have to buy healthy foods. Remember to include salads, yoghurt, fruits, and healthy snacks like almonds while shopping, as such items contribute to a healthy and time-saving meal which can be easily prepared even after a busy day. This is better and cheaper than ordering a pizza or any fried foods available in the market.


2. Pre-plan meals

The second step to a 'healthy you' is connected to the first one. Cooking a nutritional meal will not only improve your health but also keep you away from diseases. The best way to achieve it is by pre-cooking meals. For example, if you have to rush early in the morning, prepare breakfast the night before or if you are late from work at night, prepare it in the morning. You can also chop the necessary vegetables beforehand and make use of it during the cooking.


3. Take high-fibre foods

High-fibre foods let you stay full for a longer time. They include fruits like strawberries, apple, avocado, banana and blueberries along with carrots, chickpeas, oats, almonds and dark chocolate. These foods have a low glycemic index, which means they digest very slowly, and thus keep the stomach full for a long time so you can perform your other tasks well.


4. Never skip meals

If you are a busy bee and never find enough time to have breakfast, remember that skipping meals will not do you any good but will make you gain more weight. According to nutritionist Kara Lydon, skipping meals can only lead you to overeating the next meal. Therefore, make time to eat your meals on time. If not possible, substitute it with healthy protein-based snacks like yoghurt, chickpeas or almonds.


5. Small changes count bigger

Small changes in lifestyle do count big when you are a really busy person. For example, swapping sweetened drinks with natural fruit juices, cutting down 1 tbsp sugar in coffee and exchanging outside foods with home-based meals. These things sound small but they can create a bigger impact on your health.


6. Drink water before every meal

According to a study, drinking two cups of water 30 minutes before every meal can cause a moderate weight loss within 12 weeks. Drinking water can also make you more fit by cleansing your digestive system, fighting a headache and lubricating joints. Thus, staying hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals is the easiest of all ways for busy people to stay healthy.


7. Break workouts

As scheduling meetings and appointments are important, scheduling workout timings should be equally important to you. In case you miss out on that, try to split your one hour exercise into four-five 10-minutes intervals. It can either be climbing stairs, walking, dancing or anything that requires physical activity. Also, you can make use of commercial breaks during your TV hours and perform some push-ups or bicep curls.


8. Make use of your phone calls

The introduction of digitization has made people lazy and prone to diseases. Well, if you too are a phone addict or your work includes long calls, make use of the situation by walking while you are on call. This will let you stay active and fit without compromising on your tasks.


9. Walk to your workplace

Walking is always the best therapy. It lets you stay fit without actually taking much of your time. For example, if your office is 2-3 km away from your home, start half an hour early and reach the office by walking. But if it is far, you can compensate it by taking stairs instead of the lift.


10. Unwind yourself

Working full day often increases your stress levels and cause a great impact on your health and wellbeing. So, the best way to manage your stress is by learning how to unwind yourself and relax. Take a hot bath, meditate, indulge in your favourite hobby or simply watch funny videos to relax your mind.

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