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10 Incredible Foods To Balance Hormones

Our body is well-balanced due to the hormones produced by the endocrine glands. They are chemical messengers that help in the growth, development, reproduction, metabolism, sexual and many other functions of our body. Imbalance of hormones may lead to problems such as skin rashes, weak bones, high glucose levels, overweight, fatigue, anxiety, excessive thirst, depression, infertility, reduced sex drive and other health issues which affect our day to day activities. [1]

When hormonal problems occur, the best way to tackle it is by including nutritional foods in your diet. A well-balanced diet helps regulate hormones and maintain their balance in the body for the well-being of a person.

Take a look at the foods which helps maintain hormonal balance in our bodies.


1. Broccoli

Broccoli is a cruciferous veggie that works as a wonder for the body and helps in balancing hormones. They help in balancing the estrogen levels due to the high amount of phytonutrients in it. Also, calcium in broccoli helps reduce premenstrual symptoms.


2. Flax seeds

They are a good source of fibre, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds are also a rich source of a compound called lignan that helps in reducing androgen levels in men suffering from prostate cancer. Lignan also helps reduce hirsutism symptom in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. [2]


3. Avocado

This nutritional fruit is all you need to balance your hormones that cause stress and irregular menstrual cycle. Avocado is rich in beta-sitosterol that helps lower the cholesterol levels and regulate ovulation and menstruation in women. It also helps reduce inflammation of the prostate gland.


4. Sweet Potato

Commonly known as ‘Shakarqand', this root vegetable has aphrodisiac, antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory properties. According to a study, sweet potato helps balance follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone due to the presence of flavonoids, tannins, phenols and other natural oxidative agents in it. [3]


5. Pomegranate

This polyphenols rich fruit is very effective to prevent breast cancer, as per a study. The study also says that consuming pomegranate juice helps balance the levels of male and female sex hormones like testosterone and estradiol. [4]


6. Salmon

According to a study, omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help regulate the levels of insulin and sebum in our body. Insulin helps prevent the risk of diabetes while sebum reduces the risk of acne and makes skin glow.


7. Spinach

A bioactive compound named phytoestrogens present in spinach helps bind estrogen receptors in our body naturally. High estrogen levels are responsible for the multiplication of tissues in the breast, uterus and pituitary gland leading to tumours of the breast and ovaries. [5]


8. Quinoa

It is packed with magnesium, protein and phosphorus. Quinoa is rich in fibre that helps control our appetite and weight gain. With the reduction in weight, other hormones that control glucose and lipid levels also start functioning well, thus making a person healthy. [6]


9. Kale

Kale is a leafy green vegetable that helps balance hormones in our body. Phytoestrogens, a type of antioxidants in kale help to balance cortisol levels, which is responsible for controlling blood sugar, regulating metabolism and reducing inflammation in our body.


10. Almonds

Almonds are satiating and nutrient-rich and make for an easy and crunchy way to balance our body hormones. Eating a few almonds regularly helps balance glucose and cholesterol levels in our body, thus reducing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. [7]

Story first published: Saturday, March 7, 2020, 16:29 [IST]
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