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Diabetics Must Include Jamun In Their Diet: Here’s Why
Jamun or java plum is packed with phenolic and flavonoid compounds with potent antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Though there are more than 800 antidiabetic plants reported to date in India, the antidiabetic mechanism of only a few plants, including jamun, ...
Is Litchi Good For People With Diabetes?
The season of litchi is here and people are all ready to indulge in this exotic nutritional seasonal fruit. Seasonal fruits play a vital role in diabetes diet as they contain numerous bioactive compounds that help lower the glucose levels and ...
Health Benefits Of Acerola Cherries, A Powerhouse Of Vitamin C
Acerola cherries (Malpighia emarginata DC.) is among the richest and natural source of vitamin C or ascorbic acid, along with a plethora of phytonutrients such as flavonoids, carotenoids, amino acids, terpenoids and anthocyanins. This superfood contains 50-100 times more vitamin C ...
Health Benefits Of Acerola Cherries Powerhouse Of Vitamin C
10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Red Bananas
Red bananas have gained more popularity these days due to their high nutritional value compared to yellow and green bananas. Studies say that red bananas are superior to other banana types as the prior contain higher beta-carotene and vitamin C than ...
Health Benefits Of Red Bananas
Are Pistachios Good For People With Diabetes?
Diet is a major factor in managing diabetes. A diet rich in monounsaturated fats and low in saturated fats are considered the best for diabetics as they help reduce inflammation and cholesterol levels and thus, control glucose levels to a larger ...
Are Pistachios Good For People With Diabetes
List Of Edible Flowers With Amazing Health Benefits
Edible flowers have been on the list of human nutrition for centuries. They were used either in the form of decoctions or herbal teas. Several reasons accompany the fact why the interest in edible flowers is increasing drastically-their health benefits being ...
11 Health Benefits Of Pomegranate Tea And How To Make It
Pomegranate tea is one of the most renowned teas worldwide whose consumption is associated with numerous health benefits. This amazing red tea is brewed either from the crushed seeds of a pomegranate, peels, dried flowers or concentrated juices mixed with green, ...
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