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12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Turmeric Coffee And How To Prepare It

Turmeric coffee has recently managed to carve out space for itself among other trending coffee recipes such as dalgona coffee, broccoli coffee or iced coffee. This new form of coffee contains the benefits of both curcumin and caffeine and is also famous by the name Golden Latte.

Turmeric is a common spice used in Indian kitchens for 4000 years, while coffee has been the best beverage since the 15th century. The combination of both turmeric and coffee as turmeric coffee has gained popularity due to its unique combination and amazing health benefits.

This article will tell you about the health benefits of turmeric coffee. Take a look.

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1. May reduce oxidative stress

Turmeric contains a main curcuminoid called curcumin and more than 100 vital components with strong antioxidative properties. On the other hand, coffee is also known to have a powerful antioxidant capacity. Together, they may help reduce oxidative stress by reducing free radicals in the body and prevent related diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

2. May reduce weight

Turmeric has a BMI-lowering effect due to the presence of bioactive polyphenols. Coffee also supports the reduction of weight by suppressing leptin, a cell-signalling hormone that helps regulate appetite. Turmeric coffee can be the best weight loss beverage for people of all age. [1]

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3. May combat inflammation

Both curcumin and caffeine are anti-inflammatory compounds that may help reduce inflammation cytokines in the body and prevent chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. Methylxanthines and caffeic acid in coffee also help reduce inflammatory biomarkers. [2]

4. May help with digestion

Curcumin in turmeric better gets absorbed in the presence of phospholipids, which is a type of fat found in milk and other food items such as eggs and meats. [3] Turmeric coffee made with milk may help improve digestion by curcumin-phytosome or absorption of curcumin in presence of milk. Coffee also helps maintain the brain-gut axis and keep the digestive system healthy.

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5. May energise your body

Turmeric with a shot of espresso can be an efficient energy booster. Curcumin has anti-fatigue and endurance-improving capacity while caffeine in coffee helps block the regulation of adenosine, a neurotransmitter that helps with sleep. Together, as turmeric coffee latte, they may help energise the body and boost energy.

6. May support muscles

Both turmeric and coffee have a great effect on stimulating muscle regeneration, preventing loss of muscles and decreasing age-related muscle decline. Turmeric coffee can be the best beverage to support muscles and maintain their strength and endurance. [4]

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7. May reduce cholesterol

Turmeric and coffee both have cholesterol-lowering properties and may help reduce LDL and triglyceride levels in the body. Consumption of turmeric coffee may help reduce cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of obesity and stroke.

8. May improve lung function

Curcumin plays a protective role in preventing lungs against diseases such as obstructive pulmonary disease and acute lung injury due to its anti-inflammatory activity. Coffee also has a positive effect on lung functions. Together, they can be beneficial for the lungs.

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9. May prevent mental health problems

Coffee intake is linked to less depressive symptoms and a lower risk of suicides. Curcumin is also a potential spice in reversing anxiety and depression in people. Therefore, turmeric coffee can be an effective beverage to prevent mental health problems. It may also help calm the mind by increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin. [5]

10. May prevent premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome is a common problem in women leading to a combination of physical, emotional and psychological disturbances. The bioactive compounds in turmeric and coffee may help ease these symptoms due to their anti-inflammatory and neurologic effects.

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11. May prevent Alzheimer's

Curcumin decreases beta-amyloid plaques, delay the degradation of neurons and decrease microglia formation, all that leads to Alzheimer's. On the other hands, a study has shown that 3-4 cups of coffee a day at midlife can decrease the risk of Alzheimer's by 65 per cent in later life. Therefore, turmeric coffee can be a potential beverage to prevent the risk of Alzheimer's.

12. May boost immunity

Both turmeric and coffee are an immunomodulator that may help boost the immune system by their phenolic compounds with anti-inflammatory effects. Drink turmeric coffee in a moderate amount as high consumption of caffeine may cause adverse effects due to its immune-suppressing activity. [6]

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How To Prepare Turmeric Coffee?


  • Half teaspoon turmeric powder
  • Coffees like brewed espresso or coffee powder
  • One-fourth teaspoon ginger powder or crushed ginger
  • One-fourth teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • Vanilla extract (optional)
  • One cup of coconut milk or milk
  • Method 1

    • Pour all the ingredients, except for espresso, into a blender and blend until smooth.
    • Add brewed espresso and again blend for a few seconds.
    • Pour the ingredients into a saucepan and put them over the flame.
    • Stir for a few minutes to form a frothy mixture.
    • Pour in a coffee mug and serve hot.
    • Method 2

      • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, except for espresso and transfer to a glass container.
      • Prepare a coffee and add half a teaspoon of the mixture and serve hot.