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Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea On Empty Stomach; Can It Help Boost Weight Loss?

Green tea which is made from the Camellia sinensis plant has been popular among the masses for several decades for its immensely professed health benefits, whether be it weight loss, inflammation or bloating.

Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea contains a mixture of polyphenolic compounds like flavanols, flavonoids and phenolic acids, which are specialised antioxidants that are extremely beneficial for your overall health. Numerous studies support the positive effect of green tea on one's health.

One of the most popular benefits of green tea is that it aids in healthy weight loss - which is one of the central reasons for its popularity.

Here are some of the other health benefits of green tea [1]:

  • Improves your sleep
  • Keeps you relaxed
  • Improves your metabolism
  • Reduces risks of flu
  • Removes toxins from your body
  • Improves your cardiovascular health
  • Improves your dental health
  • Boosts weight loss

When is the best time to drink green tea?

People usually enjoy drinking tea in the morning, but you will be surprised to know that there are several benefits to drinking green tea before bedtime as well. In a nutshell, drinking green tea at different times can have slightly different effects on the body.

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach may have specific health benefits, but in practice you should drink it between meals or after a meal. Let's examine the benefits of Drinking Green Tea On An Empty Stomach.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea On An Empty Stomach?

May aid weight loss:

Green tea contains polyphenols that can increase fat oxidation and the rate at which food in your body is converted into energy. Drink green tea empty stomach every morning for a week and you will notice the difference [2][3].

You should, however, eat something after drinking green tea in order to avoid stomach issues.

What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Green Tea On An Empty Stomach?

Like anything with benefits, green tea too has certain side effects:

1. Stomach issues:

While green tea is beneficial on an empty stomach, it is also high in tannins, which increase stomach acids, and thus will not be suitable for people who are suffering from peptic ulcers or gastroesophageal reflux. For most people, this will not be an issue, but for those with peptic ulcers or reflux, it may result in heartburn or other stomach distress [4].

2. Blood thinning:

On an empty stomach, the compounds in the tea affect the body and the blood more quickly than when consumed after eating something. This tea decreases blood clotting proteins as one of its effects. Due to its antioxidant content, green tea prevents fatty acids from oxidising, which can result in thin blood consistency, therefore, people with blood clotting disorders should not consume it on an empty stomach [5].

3. May harm the liver:

Due to the high catechin content in green tea, drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning may harm the liver. Green tea's health benefits are mainly attributed to catechins, a type of disease-fighting flavonoid and antioxidant. And the longer you steep your tea, the more flavonoids will seep into the water, which can adversely affect your liver [6].

How Much Caffeine Does Green Tea Have?

The caffeine content of green tea may vary depending on the variety and brand. Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee (one cup of green tea contains approximately 35-80 mg as opposed to approximately 100-400 mg in the same size cup of coffee), however, it can still act as a stimulant.

Therefore, some individuals find that drinking green tea increases their energy levels, concentration, and moods, but these effects may vary from person to person [7].

The caffeine content in green tea may, however, disturb your sleep cycle and, as a result, make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Some studies suggest that, in order not to affect your sleep, you should not consume more than one cup of the beverage at a time [8].

On A Final Note...

It is evident from the findings that drinking green tea on an empty stomach may not be the best idea. Although green tea is believed to promote weight loss, its side effects seem outweighed by its benefits. When drinking green tea in the morning, you can pair it with two whole-grain biscuits or a fruit of your choice.

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