These Top 15 Health Benefits Of Yoga Will Blow Your Mind

By Shabana
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There are certain things in life which are invented for the sole purpose of making human lives easier, healthier and better. And one of them is Yoga.

Undoubtedly the best form of exercise a human body can get, yoga is gaining immense popularity. There are a lot of things that separate Yoga from any other workout programme.

For starters, the science of Yoga is almost 5000 years old. Also, it does not just affect the body, it works for the overall development of the mind body and soul.

Not just that, yoga is slowly catching on with fitness enthusiasts for its other benefits such as increasing immunity and also for curing nerve blockages. Regular practise of yoga also helps keep old-age symptoms such as osteoporosis and arthritis at bay.

In this article, we have listed the top 15 health benefits of yoga that you can derive by practising it every day.


1. Yoga Strengthens Your Bones

As we age, our bones start losing calcium and as a result, they become weak. This leads to conditions like osteoporosis. Certain poses of yoga are known to strengthen the bones by increasing the bone density. This makes them less susceptible to fractures and other bone problems.

Try this: Poses such as side-angle and warrior pose will help you build on your bone strength.

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2. Yoga Helps Boost Immunity

Doing certain stretches and postures of yoga is known to increase the drainage of lymphatic fluid, which contains a high amount of immune cells. This helps the body fight various infections and diseases.

Try this: Poses such as Tadasana and Trikonasana can keep your immune system up and running to keep you away from diseases.


3. Yoga Helps Keep A Check On Your Food Cravings

Yoga aims at strengthening the mind and body connection. This lets us be more aware of what we eat, which in turn leads to mindful eating. Also, it is a well-known fact that we have cravings when we are tensed or bored. Yoga works by calming us down and draining the tension.

Try this: Poses such as forward bend and child's pose help instantly calm us down and reduce those food cravings.

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4. Yoga Helps Drive Away Insomnia

Stress and inactive lifestyle play a major role in people developing insomnia as early as in their twenties. Yoga is known to have a positive effect on our sleeping patterns too. Twice-a-week sessions of yoga are known to relax the mind and help drain all the stress.

Try this: Savasana is a wonderful pose to practise twice a week if you have trouble falling asleep at night. Also, deep breathing exercises before bed are known to improve the sleep quality.


5. Yoga Helps Decrease Blood Pressure

Yoga poses when done regularly increase the blood circulation in the body, which leads to better oxygenation. This helps lower the blood pressure. Yoga also reduces stress-induced hypertension.

Try this: Deep breathing exercises like Pranayam and Virabhadrasana pose help relax the body and keep the blood pressure in check.

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6. Yoga Increases Your Metabolism

The food that we eat should be properly digested in order for our body to properly absorb its nutrients. Improper digestion often leads to many stomach problems and also subsequent weight gain. Yoga helps the stomach secrete more digestive juices and ensures that the food is properly digested.

Try this: The twisted chair pose helps increase circulation in the body and aids in digestion.


7. Yoga Increases Our Heart Health

Yoga not only strengthens the body muscles, but cardiovascular muscles also get a thorough workout. Yoga results in lower heart rate, improves blood circulation and decreases the chances of heart attacks. It also reduces the stress and lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood vessels, which are the two major reasons of heart attacks.

Try this: The Padangusthasana or the big toe pose and the Janu-Sirsasana are perfect for maintaining a good heart health.


8. Yoga Improves The Body’s Endocrine Functions

Yoga is very helpful in regulating the body's hormonal secretion. Our body requires the perfect amount of hormones to function properly. Yoga prevents hormone imbalances and helps maintain its proper functioning, which results in improved physical and emotional health.

Try this: Baddha Konasana, famously called the butterfly pose and the Viparita Karani are recommended for a good endocrine health.


9. Yoga Reduces The Amount Of Triglycerides In The Blood

Triglycerides is the fat in the blood, which results in unhealthy blood and hardening of the arteries. This lowers the circulation of blood in the body, which results in high blood pressure and gives rise to heart diseases. Yoga helps destroy these triglycerides, improves blood circulation and keeps the heart healthy.

Try this: The Kapal Bhati Prayanam and the Sarvangasana help the body burn fat in the targeted areas.

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10. Yoga Improves Dexterity Of The Body

People who practise yoga every day have a higher amount of flexibility of the body and a strong body-mind connection. Yoga also helps improve hand-eye co-ordination and also improves the joint health. This ensures that chances of joint pain related to old age are almost nil.

Try this: Padmasana and Vajrasana are poses to try when you're working on your body's flexibility.


11. Yoga Helps Combat Alzheimer’s Disease

Yoga helps increase the functioning of the brain by increasing the gamma aminobutyric levels, which decrease the chances of Alzheimer's disease. This recent study is said to add another cap up its feathers and is known to be a breakthrough element in the study of Alzheimer's disease. More and more people in old age are suffering from this degenerative disease, which can simply be prevented by practising yoga every day.

Try this: Balasana or child's pose and Viparita Karani help improve the functions of the brain.


12. Yoga Acts As A Means To Manage Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

People suffering with MS often have to battle with numbness in the arms, legs, loss of co-ordination and fatigue. Yoga addresses all these issues and makes MS easier to manage by improving the blood circulation and increasing the body awareness.

Try this: Tadasana, Virabhadrasana I and II and Trikonasana all help effectively manage MS.


13. Yoga Helps Reduce The Pain Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The wrist pain experienced in the carpal tunnel syndrome can relatively be reduced by doing yoga daily.

Try this: Back bend, cow face pose and eagle pose reduce the weight of the body on your wrists but, at the same time, exercising the arms to prevent CTS is also advised.


14. Yoga Is Effective In Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Yoga helps regulate insulin and encourages the pancreas to produce insulin. This helps prevent type 2 diabetes, the biggest threat to mankind right now.

Try this: Vrikshasana and Dhanurasana are known to improve the function of the stomach and pancreas.


15. Yoga Helps Cure Constipation

Certain yoga poses help in the proper functioning of the digestive system and excretory system. Yoga puts a pressure on the intestines and helps eliminate the waste easily. Just make sure that you are following a balanced diet and are doing yoga regularly; and your constipation will be gone in no time.

Try this: The wind relieving pose and the half plough pose are a great way to get your bowels moving.

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