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    These Summer Diet Tips Can Help Prevent The Deadly Skin Cancer!

    If you are someone who loves wearing summery clothes that expose a lot of your skin, during the day, then, think again!

    Because the harsh sun rays which penetrate into the earth's atmosphere during the summers can bring about a host of diseases, including skin cancer.

    tips to prevent skin cancer

    It is understandable that during the summers, especially in tropical countries like India where the weather can be really hot and humid, people would want to wear shorts, skirts and flip flops, in order to beat the heat.

    However, the UV radiations from the sun are worse during the harsh summers and it is best to cover your skin as much as possible, when you head out, to prevent sunburns, heat strokes and even skin cancer.

    Skin cancer is a type of cancer, which affects the skin cells, when abnormal cancerous growth occurs in those cells.

    Skin cancer can be fatal, especially when not recognised and treated at the right time and even the relapse rates for this type of cancer are very high.

    Research studies over the years have found that exposure to sunrays and UV radiations are some of the main causes for the development of skin cancer in people.

    So, here are a few diet tips, which can help prevent skin cancer, during the summers.

    1. Oats For Breakfast

    Most of us already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which must not be skipped. Skipping breakfast or having unhealthy breakfast foods such as muffins, bagels, cereal, samosas, sweets, etc., can only do more harm to your health, as these foods contain a lot of sugar and oil, which is not good for the skin cells. Consuming healthy foods like oats can prevent the cancerous cells from forming, especially beneath the skin.

    2. Consume Yoghurt

    Time and again, experts advise us to consume yoghurt on a regular basis. Be it the Indian curd or Greek yoghurt, they must be a crucial part of your diet, especially during the summers. Yoghurt has the ability to improve the growth of good bacteria in certain parts of your body. Research studies have stated that the good bacteria in our body have the ability to fight agents that cause skin cancer.

    3. Drink Coffee

    Since decades, the pros and cons of coffee with regards to health have been debated. However, it has been established that consuming just one or two cups of coffee in a day is not harmful for health. There is some more good news - research studies have found that, apart from making you feel energised, coffee may also be able to prevent skin cancer, as it contains a high amount of antioxidants that can prevent free radical damage done to the skin by the sun rays and UV radiations.

    4. Consume Leafy Greens

    Right from our childhood, we are told to eat more of leafy greens, such as spinach, mint leaves, asparagus, etc., because leafy greens are extremely rich in nutrients and come with a number of health benefits. In addition, making leafy greens a major part of your diet during the summers can also help reduce the risk of skin cancer, as the vitamins A and C in leafy greens have the ability to prevent the damage done to the skin cells by the sun.

    5. Consume Tomatoes

    What is better than a cold glass of fresh tomato juice to beat the summer heat! Or, you can also add tomatoes to your salads on a daily basis. Apart from its other health benefits such as boosting immunity, treating indigestion, etc., tomato also has the ability to prevent skin cancer. Compounds known as lycopene and phytochemicals present in tomatoes can help prevent the UV radiations from the sun from getting absorbed into the skin, thus preventing skin cancer.

    6. Snack On Nuts

    Most of us would already know the fact that nuts, like almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, etc., are extremely nutritious, as they contain vitamins, protein, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. So, naturally, nuts would have a number of health benefits. Nuts can also help prevent skin cancer, as the vitamin E content present in nuts acts as a protective barrier between the skin cells and the UV rays from the sun, thus preventing damage.

    7. Drink Green Tea

    A lot of people today have substituted coffee and regular tea, with green tea, as green tea is known to have a number of amazing health benefits. The antioxidant content in green tea can not only help reduce stress, aid weight loss, etc., but it can also help prevent the free radical damage done to the skin by the UV rays of the sun, thus preventing skin cancer.

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