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Here's How Music Affects Your Workout

By Soumik Ghosh
Here's How Music Affects Your Workout | Boldsky

A lot of debate goes around what's the best music to work out to. Is rock better than rap? Or is it fast-bumping house music? If psychology has to answer this, then, yes, there's an ideal music for a workout.

But it has got nothing (at all) to do with genres. Rather, if you're seeking motivation, they say that the best workout numbers are the ones that touch you personally.

There's no doubt that listening to music whilst you hit the gym essentially improves your workout regime. As we turn on the radio or slip on our headphones, we aren't seeking a way to make ourselves feel happier; not consciously, at least.

But that is often exactly what we end up getting. Consistent researches also underline that listening to music distracts athletes from their "bodily awarenesses" or what we typically call pain.

Most people see music as anti-social. But when you run along with someone while both are listening to music, do you feel any less connected to them? It's like being on a road trip with friends: sometimes you definitely catch up and chat, but most of the time you're listening to music and still are connected with each of your peers.

Put on your earphones while you're going out on a run. Observe the rest of the people who're also on a run and think of all their individual stories, their lives. Perceive it as if you're plugging into the world. You're connecting back to humanity.

In addition to all these, also, let us take you through five other reasons why "Rock N Roll"-ing during your next gym session is actually something of utmost importance.

Also we, at Boldsky, have curated and created the ultimate one-hour playlist that is going to help you run that extra mile in the gym or get through that final lap of cardio.

1. A Distraction And A Motivation: Working out with music on makes you less aware of your exertion. The Guardian had reported that such a distraction can uplift athletic performance by up to as much as 15 per cent.

Additionally, listening to music also acts as a way to change your mood and find self-awareness. Music allows you to think about yourself-who you want to be-by giving you an escape from the present.

Regardless of what happened an hour ago, you can tune in to your playlist and shut down negativity. This will give you requisite power throughout your workout and you'll feel great once it's over.

2. Work Harder Even Without Noticing: If you're feeling like your progress is stalling, try adding some preselected songs to your next gym session. And you'll find yourself pedalling more ferociously while listening to music.

Other studies have shown that music is even more influential while you're undergoing repetitive and endurance activities. Your favourite song can enhance your performance and reduce your perceived exertion.

This means listening to music essentially eases your workout and encourages you to work harder without letting you feel like you are.

3. Cardio Is All ABout Interval Training: Try this once on a treadmill or spin bike: Choose an upbeat song you love, keep up with a steady jog, and just when the chorus or hook is about to drop, amp it up.

So what you actually do is a sprint for a duration (say 30-45 seconds) and back off a little right when the melody comes back in. It not only makes the workout more enjoyable. but it also enhances your heartbeat and, consequently, sweat pouring.

4. The Heart Listens To Beats: BPM or Beats Per Minute have a direct impact on what type of exercise you're conducting. It has been scientifically proven that increasing the BPM actually pushes you harder and motivates you to work even faster.

Next time you're on the tread, try something around 140 BPM and you'll feel your heart rate going a little stronger. For your floor work, try something around 120 to keep yourself moving and focused.

5. Push Your Limits: One of the greatest things that music does is helping you change your perception of your limits. And it's done by blocking out some of your fatigue.

The right music that you effortlessly connect to actually distracts you from the extra effort, as a result of which you can work out harder without feeling like you are.

You've also got to learn here that you can't completely blow past your body's limits. When your heart rate climbs into its anaerobic zone, music, rather, stops being effective.

Whereas it stands true that there are limits to what music can do-it can't magically push your stamina beyond your natural physical limits.

Still, what music is capable of doing is transforming a slogging workout into something to look forward to. From uplifting your performance to easing your recovery, the perfect songs can have magical effects on both your mind and body.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 10:09 [IST]