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Music Concerts That Became Disasters
We look for concerts and events to make the best memories over the weekends. While concerts hold promises from renowned musicians and fun times, there are high chances that they don't not go as planned. Several cases of tragedies that have ...
Music Concerts That Became Disasters
Here's How Music Affects Your Workout
A lot of debate goes around what's the best music to work out to. Is rock better than rap? Or is it fast-bumping house music? If psychology has to answer this, then, yes, there's an ideal music for a workout. But ...
Music Therapy Helps Boost Creativity, Here Is How
Happy music can help get your creative juices flowing, say scientists who found listening to happy melodies may help generate more, innovative solutions as compared to silence. Researchers, including those from University of Technology Sydney in Australia, had 155 participants complete ...
Listening To Music Boosts Creativity Study
Does Listening To Music Help Beat Stress?
From time immemorial, music has been the ultimate gift to mankind! In this fast-paced and mechanical world where we are stressed out most of the time, music can be food for the soul. The healing power of music has mesmerised almost ...
How Listening To Music Helps Beat Stress
Learning With Music Can Change Brain Structure: Study
Using musical cues to learn a physical task positively impacts parts of the brain that process sound and control movement, according to a new study.The findings, published in the journal Brain & Cognition, may have implications for future research into rehabilitation ...
Why Listening To Music While Travelling Is Healthy
When you are traveling in a bus, train or a flight what is the healthiest thing to do? Well, listen to music. It works wonders. Of course, when you put your headphones and start playing tunes on your mobile device, you ...
Listening To Music While Travelling
Depression Cause That Can Be Easily Avoided
Listening to sad music in a group and talking about sad things tend to make people feel more depressed, says a study. This kind of group rumination with music was more common in younger people, and likely reflects relative importance of ...
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