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Depression Cause That Can Be Easily Avoided
Listening to sad music in a group and talking about sad things tend to make people feel more depressed, says a study. This kind of group rumination with music was more common in younger people, and likely reflects relative importance of ...
Listening To Music In Group May Make You More Depressed

Music Therapy Helpful For Cancer Patients -Study Revealed
Listening to music can be beneficial for cancer patients as it leaves a positive impact not just psychologically but physically as well by alleviating symptoms of anxiety, pain, fatigue and boosting quality of life, a new study has suggested.Published by the ...
Bizarre And Unique Musical Instruments
Listening to music to unwind yourself after a tiring day is the best feeling in the world, which we're sure most of you agree with. Listening to water ripples or the breeze hitting your window pane can create an excellent type ...
Bizarre And Unique Musical Instruments
Healthy Ways To Start The Day
There are several ways to start the day. Consider the morning time as precious and utilise it in a good way. Do you know the fact that your mood in the morning governs your feelings the rest of the day ...
Costliest Music Instruments To Own
Every person has something to do to spend their free time; some like to dance, some like to garden, some cook and a gifted few love to play with musical instruments. Playing a musical instrument is not as easy as it ...
Costliest Music Instruments To Own
5 Tips On choosing The Right Instrument To play
Who doesn't love music? Music is perhaps one of the few best things that mankind has encountered. Right from invigorating the soul and spirit to uplifting one's state of life, music has, from the time it first came into existence, been ...
Lady Gaga Strips For New Video
What is with these celebrities stripping for the camera? After Miley Cyrus taking on the rampage of going crazy on stage, Lady Gaga follows suit. The latter goes completely bare again for her latest music video leaving behind shocked fans. This ...
Lady Gaga Strips For New Video Guy
Insanely Famous Songs About Drugs
They say that drugs, sex and rock n roll have always gone hand in hand. That is probably why we have some of the best songs about drugs as part of mainstream music. Music and drugs or rather musicians and drugs ...
World Music Day Special: Quotes From Readers
Longfellow quite rightly said, "Music is the universal language of mankind". Music is a language which everyone understands irrespective of the individual differences. It's 21st June and we are celebrating World Music Day today. Have you ever wondered why world music ...
World Music Day Special
Musicians Who Changed World We Live In
If we actually get down to looking at all the musicians who changed the world, the list will never end. This is because every musician has changed the world in his or her own way. An artist always comes with a ...
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